Top 20 Funniest Bike Helmets You Haven’t Seen

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More than 20 of the Funniest Biking Helmets – Outright hilarious, 20 ways to get your bike keyed, or stolen. We save the butt for last.  – to mean people, this would be 20ways to get your bike keyed, spit at, have your bike knocked over in a parking lot. Outright hilarious, we have no idea who would actually wear these.  If you want a real helmet, up to 75% …

10 Worst Cycling Outfits

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Sorry ladies, if skin tight spandex wasn’t bad enough already- let’s add some nice flesh colored design into the mix. Columbia’s women’s cycling team proudly posed for the cameras in their stretchy onesies, completely oblivious their nude colored cycling outfits looked more than just a bare in the mid-drift, but are at the groin. It was so bad a formal apology was made to the public. This is just one …

Smith Fore Front Helmet

Smith ForeFront Mountain Bike Helmet Review

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Smith Optics has always been an avalanche of innovation.   The creators who taught us “Change is Easy” with the first interchangeable lens snow goggle ,  Smith can’t seem to touch anything without completely reinventing it.   Smith invaded Snow Helmet industry over 7 years ago and revolutionized the game with original technology, cutting-edge designs and seamless goggle integration.  In 2013 Smith started a new evolution in helmet protection and performance …