Erickhill Massage Gun

Erickhill Massage Gun Review

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Unleashing Wellness with the ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun: Compact, Powerful, and Portable Amazon: + 20% Coupon on Amazon + 10% Coupon Code: K5ZR5VKX Welcome to the world of rejuvenating massages where convenience meets effectiveness. Today, I’m excited to introduce the ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun, a familiar shape in the realm of personal massage devices see the Ekrin Bantam Massage Gun. This compact powerhouse is not just a gadget; it’s …

Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun Review

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Ekrin B37 Overview Ekrin offers 4 different massage guns ranging in price from $330 to $150. The main difference is the speed options, size, battery life, and attachments. This review covers the B37 model, but we also have reviewed the Ekrin Bantam if you would like to take a look at that review and video as well. Specifications Ergonomic Design Unlike the Hypervice and other popular massage guns, the Ekrin …

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Review

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Review

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The Bob and Brad massage gun lineup consists of four different massage guns the Q2 being the smallest, the C2, T2, and the largest X6. The main difference between these massage guns is their cost, battery, size, and stall force. They all come with 5 or 6  tips and cost anywhere from $70 to $150. They also have a professional version of a  massage gun called The D6 with 16 …

Nomadix Towel Review

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Nomadix towels are a super absorbent towel that feels really nice on the skin, absorbs more water than your normal beach towel. You will enjoy that it packs up smaller than an average towel. After you are done using the towel it will dry faster than a bath towel. We first saw the Nomadix towel in a surf shop and felt the material and could tell it wasn’t your normal …

TimTam Percussion Massager

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Hand held percussion massage guns have been very popular lately. Athletes and celebrities have been endorsing them. Do they work, are they worth the money? DO MASSAGE GUNS WORK? A massage gun, percussive massager or sometimes called “vibration therapy” works by sending rapid bursts of pressure to the tissue of the body. They are capped with a ball, or pointed tip for isolating different depths and locations on the body. …