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Introduction The Muck Apex Pro Vibram Arctic Grip Boot is a great cold-weather footwear option that combines exceptional performance with cutting-edge technology. Designed to withstand the harshest winter conditions, this boot offers superior protection, comfort, and, most notably, unbeatable traction. In this review, we will delve into the key features that make the Muck Apex Pro Vibram Arctic Grip Boot a top choice for those seeking reliable and durable winter …

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How to Dress Kids and Toddlers for Cold Weather

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Keeping your kids dry and warm outside during winter can make the cold weather months much more enjoyable. If you are looking for information on how to keep your kids and toddlers warm in cold weather you are in the right place. From toddlers playing outside in the front yard to snow shoeing in the backcountry you can expose them to all sorts of temperatures outside, so how do you …

Dakine Kodiac Glove Review

Dakine Kodiak Glove Review

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We just got the new Dakine Kodiak gloves that are gore-tex and primaloft line for comfort. We were looking for a solid Backcountry gloves made from leather. We decided on the Kodiak gloves to try because of the durability of leather as well as the waterproofing that Nikwax provides. The gloves have gore-tex coating as well as gore-tex grip technology. Gore-tech grip technology is a new feature that offers the …

Video: Ski in Color – Slalom Skiing meets the Hindu Holi Festival of Colors

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“This is one of the most beautiful acts of ski art I have ever seen.” Marcel Hischer an Austrian World cup ski racer decided to take some time off from World Championship (after he just won it for the 4th time in a row) and have some fun.  Hirscher competed in the 2014 Sochi winter games and won Silver.  With skills like that why not try something out of the …

Ski Like A Girl – Inspiring Women

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Jackson Hole Backcountry Playground for Inspirational Women Freeride Skiers Take a lesson from the hard core local pros, these women riders know the terrain and have some fierce skillswhen it comes to serious tricks and twists in steep runs, carving clean lines in deep powder, dropping off vertical cliffs and throwing tricks in backcountry like it was childsplay.  These rockstar powder hounds have been playing in the backcountry their whole …

Nike Lunarendor Snowboard Boots Review

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In September 2013 Nike will be unveiling the much anticipated Nike Lunarendor snowboard boot, building upon style and cult following of the Nike Zoomites, yet will add a secret ingredient that no other snowboarding company can possibly compete with. A trademark  innovation that has made Nike an industry leader in athletic footwear, Lunar Foam is the latest edition to the Lunar Endor Snowboard Boot 2014. As if the king of …