Hanging Naked Men Orchid Flower – LEGIT

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There’s this meme going around that claims there is a flower called Hanging Naked Men. Here is the photo.  Of course we laughed like school kids, but had to know if it was real.  First instinct, Google imaged it.  Bad idea. DO NOT Google Image search “Hanging Naked Men.”  Take my word for it.  Hopefully no one is dumb enough to search anything with the word “Naked” in it at work either.

Instead, stay here and giggle inappropriately over these images that I found.  And after some research, I have found that it is called Orchis Italica, or The Naked Man Orchid. So funny. They come in all sorts of shapes and, umm… sizes.

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This one looks like a very happy flower, look at that smile.





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