New Velo Senso Wilson Saddle Review

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Velo Mountain Bike Seat We were sent the Velo bike seat to test out and give our honest review. We were not compensated for this review. We may receive a small compensation for purchases made through links on this review. The Velo Senso Wilson is a new saddle just released from Velo. It has a tiny price tag and is aimed at mountain bikers were the majority of Velo seats …

The Best Super Small Bicycle Mini Tools

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There are literally hundreds of mini tools that can be used for a bike.  You can get them anywhere from your grocery store to high end bike shops.  They cost any where from $1.99 at Harbor Freight (with a coupon) to $99+ for some of the Lezyne Carbon Tools.  We have owned a few too many mini tools in our life time.  It always seems that they get traded around with …

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Long

OnGuard Beast Chain Lock Vs. Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain

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What lock should you buy, the OnGuard Beast 8016 Chain or the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit? GearChase takes an in-depth view into both locks to find out what one will meet your needs. With the price of bikes increasing year to year, new inventions from electronic shifting and large, expensive drive trains as well as high tech suspensions, it’s hard to let your bike out of your site for just a minute. …

Mucky Nutz Bike Fender

Mucky Nutz Mountain Bike Fender Review

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There are few upgrades that are less expensive that do as much as adding a mountain bike fender. Mucky Nutz mountain bike fenders are some of the most well known in the indusrty. Riding mountain bikes in early spring means lots of mud and puddles. For around the cost of a 12 pack, you can protect your bike, save some clean up time, and keep your grill dirt free. We …

Riding on Street WeeHoo

WeeHoo IGO Turbo Bicycle Trailer Review

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Overview The WeeHoo IGO Turbo is a hybrid child carrier that attaches to a bike for kids that have outgrown or lost interest with the typical bike carrier and aren’t yet ready to take their own two wheeler or a sit-up tow behind bike on the trail. We were sent a WeeHoo IGO Turbo to test out with our 4 year old, and not to give anything away too early …

Top 10 Bike Hacks to Stop Stolen Bikes

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1. Locking your bike 101: Make sure you secure the frame to something solid. 2.  Take the long way home. Bike thief’s will case out popular trails and follow you home if they see a nice ride on your bike rack. They’ll stake out at your house waiting for you to leave your garage door open, later that night or the next week.  Watch for stalkers following you home, and …

[Video] One Armed Mountain Biker

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This is incredable and inspiring.  Some make see a single use arm as an ending to mountain biking, but not Thomas Bnnister.  Tom was in a wreck 8 years ago that left him paralysed in his left arm, but that didn’t stop his passion and addiction to riding.  Check out the video below where is shows how Thomas bike is set up with two brakes on one side and a …

Dog Bike Ride Videos

Videos: Top 10 Dog/Bike videos

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We all love dogs, and we should all love bikes!  So we have brought the best of both worlds together.  This is the top 10 best dogs who love bikes videos on the internet. 1. Norma Rides a Bike 2. Downhill Mountain Bike Dog, Scrubbin’ jumps and railing berms! 3. Dalmation Riding a bike 4. Dog riding a bike with friends 5. Dog Pump 6. If you thought the last …

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Danny MacAskill Imaginate

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  Ridiculous trials street rider from Scotland Danny MacAskill, just released his latest film “Imaginate”.  Two years in the making, this is the most epic film of it’s kind, demonstrating some of the most technical tricks and unique cinematography of it’s kind ever seen in a trials film. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s will more than appreciate every aspect of Danny’s Imaginate film.  Sit back and enjoy.