Funny Camper vs Glamper (glam camping)

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If your a car camper, ultra-light guy, or a 12 wheel winabego wannabe, you are sure to find yourself fitting a few of these sterotypes.

Outdoor Roasting Marshmallow Sticks

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othing says summer like a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Ditch the twigs and become a marshmallow roasting maestro with Outdoor Roastings Perfect Marshmallow Roasting Sticks. Perfect for an open campfire – Outdoor Roastings has quality cookout tools for Hot Dogs, S’mores, Kabobs and anything else you’d want to cook over a campfire or eat under the sun. With a unique patent-pending design, the Perfect Marshmallow Roaster stick has twin skewers turned inward, making them safe for …

Sleeping on Rocks is for Cavemen

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oing camping doesn’t mean you have to go back to the stone age. Sleeping on rocks is for cavemen. Columbus was onto something, the world isn’t flat. Yet the first step to pitching an old-school tent means finding a flat campsite.  No amount of planning or  Google satellite mapping can assure you’ll find flat ground free of rocks, dips, shrubs, mud or bugs.    Solution: Tentsile Tree Tent, Camping Evolved.  10 minutes …