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How to Dress Kids and Toddlers for Cold Weather

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Keeping your kids dry and warm outside during winter can make the cold weather months much more enjoyable. If you are looking for information on how to keep your kids and toddlers warm in cold weather you are in the right place. From toddlers playing outside in the front yard to snow shoeing in the backcountry you can expose them to all sorts of temperatures outside, so how do you …

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WeeHoo IGO Turbo Bicycle Trailer Review

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Overview The WeeHoo IGO Turbo is a hybrid child carrier that attaches to a bike for kids that have outgrown or lost interest with the typical bike carrier and aren’t yet ready to take their own two wheeler or a sit-up tow behind bike on the trail. We were sent a WeeHoo IGO Turbo to test out with our 4 year old, and not to give anything away too early …