Topeak Joeblow Review


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JoeBlow Specs and Functions Do you really need a $160 pump to be able to mount your tubless tires anywhere? There are currently about 10 different pumps or DIY methods for inflating a tubless tire on the go without electricity or the use of a compressor.  They range in price from the cheap 2 litter bottle hack. The pumps range in price from about $70 USD to $180 USD.  One …

TOPEAK – D-Torq Wrench Review

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Finding a great present for a cyclist is hard to do.  Beginner cyclist are somewhat easier to shop for, but their garage and tool bag quickly fill up with their new love of the sport.  Seasoned bike riders are even harder to shop for.  They seem to have 2 or 3 of the essentials, bikes included and at least 1 of the non-essentials.  So how do you shop for someone …

Topeak Nano TorqBar DX Review

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The Topeak Nano TorqBar review starts with us installing some new bottle cages onto a carbon road bike frame.  Frustration sets in that we don’t know what to torque the bolts to for a water bottle cage.  Unlike stems and seat collars that often have inscribed indications of what the torque spec should be the bolt cages were lacking.  A quick google search led us to a guesstimate of about …