Waterproof Rating

What is IPX Waterproof Rating?

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The IPX waterproof, water-resistant, or weatherproof rating standard is an international standard defined by the IEC 60529. It outlines the amount of water and the depth or direction of water on a device. This is important for understanding how much water your phone, GPS, bike computer, the watch can take before being concerned about water damaging the internals of your electronics. The IP Code stands for Ingress Protection Rating and …

LL Bean Outerwear Pants Review

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If you love exploring and hiking – at some point you are going to realize that jeans just don’t cut it and the wind cuts right through those yoga pants too, not to mention the twigs and branches.  The more serious you become about adventuring, you need to invest in some real outdoor gear.  Hit fall time, or high altitude hikes, or high wind climbs – you needs some functional …