How Would you Like to Go Glamping in This SnowPod?

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The Ultimate High Altitude Experience


How would you like to go glamping in this snow pod?  Extreme outdoor extrusion for the no-nonsense outdoorsy type who like to play hard during the day and wouldn’t mind a comfy bed while sleeping under the stars (yet, maybe without the wind or low temperatures).    Book it during the winter or summer – the winter adventures is definitely for the adventure loving adrenaline addicts seeking some serious adventure. A ski bums dream,  or an adrenaline junky who works hard to play hard – get ready to save your pretty pennies for the next 50 years and hope you knees can still handle it, then here is how to bust the bank and live off Top Ramen Noodles for the rest of your life.  Formally call a White-Pod, get ready to drool about what about the experience to die for Alpine Igloos – the WhitePod Eco-Luxury Alpine Experience.

How is This For Cozy


More like a expedition at high altitude, with some ridiculous  accommodations at the top.  Kind of like a yurt in the back country, but with the upside of a luxurious five star hotel – in the middle of nowhere.  Honestly, who are the lucky ski bums who get to work here. But don’t get the wrong idea, this isn’t a vacation for the faint of heart. Get read to grab your crampons and poles for a serious trek up the mountains – the pay off, a sheep skin blanket and a down filled pillow with some serious accommodations at the top.

Picture waking up covered in a warm sheepskin in a cozy igloo, stepping outside to looks across the spectacular view of the Rhone Valley.  Then was your skis, because you are going to cut through some serious pillow powder down a private secluded mountain, whether you want to snowboard through the wide fields of white powder or find your own secret trails through the trees – if you are ready to live your dream – this is going to be your heaven on earth.

 Wake Up to a View Like This

SnowPod Camping Alpine


Don’t waste the terrain and sip your coffee while the epic slopes, views and powder is calling your name. Feel the adrenaline pump through your veins while you carve your wide turns through the neck deep powder on your skis, and cut clean lines through the heavenly untouched powder.  This is a backcountry skiers dream.  Or snowshoe trails of a winter forest, or during the summer – hike through pine tree trails with wild flow meadows and green covered mountains. While there are three lifts are only open to resort guests. There is reserved back country skiing for the whitepod guests on the “secret mountain” with private runs just for the select guests who are lucky enough to ride the exclusive terrain. With so many trails, open fields of powder and with only a handful of pod dwellers – this is never going to get tracked out. If you want some untouched powder like nowhere in the world- get out your splitboard, snowshoes or backcountry skis and get read to hike up for the heavenly powder and earn some major turns.

Come for the Adrenaline – Not to Sit Around


 High Altitude Backcountry Skiing in Swiss Alps

Yeah, you could bust the bank and honey moon (hey, memories of a lifetime) and stay in a breathtaking one of a place like this, but if you don’t have the skills to take advantage of the excursions and expeditions this frozen oasis of the Alps has to offer, this can be a serious way miss some once in a lifetime opportunities.

Yeah, you can had down to the luxurious restaurant for some delectable fondue and delicious entrees – but you can get that a slew of hotels and restaurants in any city in the concrete jungle.  If you aren’t prepared to ski or snowboard down untouched powder, snowshoe through winter paradise, paraglide above the majestic mountains, or aren’t conditioned hike to through the fields of wild flowers during summer or experience what it feels like to be on top of the world when you are on top of the world when you reach the top – wait until you can get some skills or take some lessons.  Because please people, there are sheep skin beds and down pillows in ski lodges across the world – and you don’t have to pay money like this.  You can pay for bragging rights – but can’t buy memories like experience in a place like the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hote Vala Suisse.

Explore the Swiss Countryside on a Dogsled Ride


Consider this a Yurt on steroids, with all kinds of adrenaline packed activities to do for the outdoor junky enthusiast. This shouldn’t be a spectators vacation, but practice you skiing and boarding before you go. Hit the trail on you snowshoes to get those legs pulped up to see the spectacular views, and learn how to parasail before you go so you can see the majestic Switzerland mountains with the wind on your face, and from a view that money truly cannot buy. You rent a room at the swanky swiss Snowpod, but you can’t get the full experience if you can’t see the Ariel view of the Swiss valley with the mountain fresh air in you face going paragliding parasailing. And how much is it really worth paying to see those powder covered mountains if you don’t know how to feel what it’s like to cut some turns in the deep powder or trek through on the trails on some snowshoes? It’s one thing to appreciate the spectacular trees that dot the mountainside, but going on a dog sled ride is another. So get ready to feel the adrenaline, maybe take a few falls on the steep slopes – because a place like this has so much more to experience than cheese fondue and a view.

15 Igloo Shaped Snowpoods at 1,400 meters High in Valais



The average stay is about 2-3 nights, a realistic expectations without completely draining your 401K.  A good honeymoon, 5 or 10 year anniversary gift. Staying in early January is a good time of year is great to enjoy the ski/snow conditions.  The views/locations is something you’ll never regret, and is more than the money’s worth. The view is picturesque.  Invest in a camera. The actual pods themselves are beautifully decorated, minimalist design yet accommodations. First things first, when you step foot upon arrival – you are equipped with a pack of essentials – headlights for night trecks to your pods, or in the event of a white out storm (hey, this is a good problem if you want more snow to sail through if you are a powder hound). You get some serious crampons because you will need to trek up to your igloo snowpod from the lodge.  You will want some serious winter gear before you book your stay, and some waterproof boots with good insulation and traction, and some snowpoles.  Your dining is included in purchase price, this is a package deal.  In Swiss style, fondue is on the menu.  Cabin style restaurant, with plenty to choose from when it comes to menu options and the desserts are awesome.  So expect no less than European great cuisine.


Parasail & Paraglide the Epic Valley and Take in the Breathtaking Viewsparaglide3

If you have some nerved of steel and some skills to back it some, book an adrenaline filled parasailing excursion. You can go with a guide to help to help with the parachute – get a running start off the mountain and swoosh – into the blue yonder.

Yeah – plenty of people here who want to sit back and relax to enjoy the views and sip their wine, but wouldn’t recommend shelling out the cash for this. You can come here and get your spa treatments.  But do that after you have your adrenaline packed day of fun. But this isn’t some swanky hotel for trust fund city sheltered types who haven’t slept under the stars. Be prepared to ride down the powder covered terrain on your snowboard or skiis, or parasail over there majestic forest covered mountains. Yet hopefully you work hard to play hard, because breath-taking adrenaline like this doesn’t come cheap.  Make sure you have at least some good experience skiing or snowboarding so you get your moneys worth.
















Photo Sources – Pixabay CC Comons

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