How to Remove Mountain Bike Tire Inserts

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If you aren’t familiar with CushCore or other tire inserts for mountain bikes they offer protection from flat tires when writing in rough and rocky terrain. They work by providing a soft cushion between the impact the tire and the rim they offer protection for your rims as well as stiffen up the sidewalls of the tires. They only add a small amount of rolling weight to the tires and can be used with tubeless tires. I have been using them for years now and love them it has reduced flat tires burped tires and allowed me to run a slightly lower PSI in my tire pressure. There are a few downsides to tire inserts One of them can be the cost. Another downside is the installation and removal of the tire inserts. And what we are discussing here. Because the high-density foam is packed in the side walls of the tire and tire bead it makes it extremely difficult to install and remove a tire when push core or other tire inserts are installed.

In the video, I show how difficult it was for me to remove a tire insert from my mountain bike tire. It took me almost an hour to remove the tire and tire insert. There are special tools at CushCore offers. I decided to try to do it without using just tire levers and a few spring clamps. The best tool was a bottle of soapy water.

To install and remove Kush core tire inserts it’s best to soap up the rim and tire so that it slides more easily into place. Using the tire insert levers I was able to break the bead on the tire and work my way very very slowly around the beat of the tire to remove it from the rim.

My advice if you’re trying to install or remove tires with tire inserts is to work very slowly. Just a millimeter of getting the tire into place is progress Don’t try to force it, you will just break your tire levers or bend your rim. It’s best to keep the rim soaped up and slowly work the tire onto the rim or off of the rim little by little.

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