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Penny Trick Lets You Bike in Skirt Without Flashing

Love riding your bike? Love wearing a skirt or a dress? But don’t love showing your undies, skivvies, knickers, panties or whatever you like to call them?  All you need is a penny and a rubber band. If you are a girl who likes to be fit and ride in street clothes when your not “working out” you’ve probably had this problem before.  Especially if you have a touch of style and like to show your feminine side by wearing a skirt without showing too much of your feminine side (no pun intended).  This is the cheapest and most brilliant solution ever.  This genious simple trick has the perfect solution for the classy cycling girl’s every day problem.  For the cost of 1 penny and 1 rubber band, no more skirts riding up while your riding your bike – and don’t worry about accidentally pulling a Britney Spears moment when you get on and off your bike. Cheap as in only the cost of a penny and 1 rubber band, feel confident and comfortable that you’ll stay covered no matter how hard you ride or how hard the wind blows.  Check out the video below, and see how to twist your skirt around a penny and wrap it in a rubber band and – wazoo, you’ve created temporary “skorts” out of your skirt with a simply penny and a rubberband.  A penny against perverts. The perfect no-nonsense solution for the practical girl who bikes to where she needs to go, and doesn’t want to change her clothes.  Everything else a girl needs on a bike – up to 90% off Bike Gear (for when you don’t want to wear a skirt). But you can buy a new bike too.

Penny In Yo Pants – A Penny Against Perverts


Stay Classy and Fit Wearing a Skirt on a Bike

Ride a Bike in Skirt without Flashing

So next time you need to get on or off your bike, or if you are racing like the wind or without the Marilyn Monroe effect – don’t worry about flashing everyone or accidentally exposing yourself ever again.  Those stubborn dresses that used to ride up when you were riding around town will never give you trouble again. Only downside might be a few wrinkles, but no more unwanted upside.  A worthwhile trade off.

Thanks to Johanna Holtan and her friends for this practical, simple solution for a frustrating problem. You don’t always want to wear workout clothes when riding your bike. You might have a short commute to work, and want to wear your work clothes – a cute skirt around town, or a cool summer dress on a hot day.  So now, you can wear every day clothes around the town, cruising around the boardwalk on your beach cruiser without showing off more than you want.

You Can Leave the Leggings at Home – Stay Covered in a Skirt


Feel Free as a Bird in a Skirt – Without Flashing Your Underwear.
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Free as a bird in a skirt without flashing underwear
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