Are LTD Snowboards any Good?

Travis GneitingFeature

You may wonder with the cheap price of LTD snowboards, do they hold up, or break easily? Should I spend more money to get a Burton or Ride snowboard?

LTD has been making snowboards since 1993. You may be use to seeing them in big box retail stores like Sports Authority, or The Sports Chalet. LTD boards seem to cater to the not so serious snowboarder. We have heard they offer a decent warranty, but couldn’t find any information about it on their old outdated website

After riding a LTD snowboard, it feels as though it might loose it’s pop and snapyness quickly and “Noodle out” pretty quickly. It just doesn’t have the quality feel that other higher priced snowboards have. It still links turns very well, they seem to have a little softer flex.

The upside of LTD snowboards is that they are very inexpensive. Take a look below at a few deals we found on their snowboards, you can get a snowboard and bindings for under $300 bucks. That’s quite a steal, considering higher end boards like Burton and Ride snowboards can start at $350 just for the board.

Our final opinion would be that if you only ride a few times a season, and aren’t looking for or wouldn’t notice the difference between a $500 snowboard vs. a $170 snowboard then a LTD snowboard would probability be just what you need. LTD offers most the standard features most snowboards do now days with Core powerstrips, Quadritic side cuts, Quad and Tri Fiberglass, and Sintered Base.

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