Sleeping on Rocks is for Cavemen

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hammocktreesGoing camping doesn’t mean you have to go back to the stone age. Sleeping on rocks is for cavemen. Columbus was onto something, the world isn’t flat. Yet the first step to pitching an old-school tent means finding a flat campsite.  No amount of planning or  Google satellite mapping can assure you’ll find flat ground free of rocks, dips, shrubs, mud or bugs.   

Enjoy all the happiness and joy that hanging out in trees brings;  sleep in the woods in supreme comfort over any ground conditions. We gave Tentsiling to the world because we believe that if we are all hanging out in trees, they can’t chop them down….” Alex Shirley-Smith
Solution: Tentsile Tree Tent, Camping Evolved.  10 minutes to put up, 2 minutes to take down and you’ve got the perfect living space for any outdoor adventure.

Get ready to take in the view and experience something new. The sky is the limit, your adventure awaits. With the functionality and durability to perform better than any traditional tent, ditch the down side of camping and experience the outdoors elevated.

Experience the Outdoors Elevated

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Just enough flex for that fun factor, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who could get into a Tentsile tent without a smile.
Tentsile TentsLayered-Hammock are like Legos. Get one and you just want more pieces to build the ultimate tree house.
 Best Described best as a spiderweb, the tents anchor at 3 points. Using heavy duty straps and ratchet buckle system, the flick of a wrist easily tightens each strap and the tent quickly takes shape.

The sturdy triangle base of the tent is tight like a drum. Not quite a trampoline – but your three year old might disagree. Just enough flex for that fun factor.   Tentsile-stacking-AWalmsley-038 Different styles connect to each other, making it easy for you and your friends to build the ultimate hangout.  Throw two hammocks underneath your stingray for a triple story treehouse, or connect with your friends to create a super suspended campsite.  The possibilities are limitless.    

Take the most rugged outdoorsman into the backcountry, and they’d literally jump into a Tentsile tent. Dynamic and versatile, Tentsiles are for everyone in the spectrum.  Creating limitless possibilities for hardcore adrenaline junkies – yet easy and practical for outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience the outdoors in a better way.

Living It Up in the Backcountry


It’s not about taking the adventure out the wilderness. You could camp out in the Louisiana swamps and not get wet, and talk your girlfriend into a weekend getaway.
Take out the downside of camping with with the coolest thing to ever hit a campsite – or the market. REI and Backcountry just started selling Tentsiles, and they can hardly keep them stocked on the shelves. Tentsile tents are trusted by everyone from hardcore slackliners who pitch their Tentsile in slot canyons, to families with bouncing toddlers.Photo-28-04-2014-19-36-35

With their sleek design and upscale appeal, don’t be fooled.  Tentsiles aren’t some “Glamping” fad.  Tentsiles are durable, constructed with the highest quality materials, and with their no-nonsense design – Tentsiles are built to take a beating from the elements.

As luxurious as these sleek stingrays are – their prices are as streamlined as their designed,  making the Tentsiles surprisingly affordable.  Tentsile tents are going to last longer than any old school tent that gets pitched on the ground and scraped against rocks and sticks. Tentsile tents by their nature stay clean and pristine because – let’s face it, you aren’t dragging them through the dirt. (Yet note as a fail safe: Tentsile tents are dynamic and versatile and can be pitched on the ground just like a traditional tent in the event terrain does not permit 3 anchor points for a suspended view. We told you these guys are smart).

GETME4Tentsiles aren’t just some “Glamping” fad.  The durable, non-sense design is for enthusiasts who want to experience the outdoors in a better way.
If we’re beachall hanging out in trees, they can’t chop them down.Alex Shirley-Smith Tentsile Co-founder






5 Reasons why Tentsile Rocks

The ultimate canopy experience, you might find yourself spending more time perched up in your tent than down on the ground.  Canopy camping  has so many benefits aside from the view – no bugs, no rocks digging in your back. – it’s hard to keep track.  Especially if you’ve set up a super camp like the Trilogy tent, where you’ve linked up your StingraysConnects tents and  Trillium Hammocks to create a suspended treehouse from Star Wars.  Being air-borne definitely has the upper-hand when it comes to airflow, no more zip-lock bag effect. There are so many upsides from evolving from camping from a caveman, that you won’t even realize it until you aren’t sleeping on the dirt anymore. hang

Example 1. Even if it’s perfect weather with no rain, puddles or mud at your campsite – you still pitched your tent on the DIRT.  Which means best case scenario stuffing your dirty, dusty tent into that tiny little bag.  Packing away your tent is like punishment for going camping – at least 1 hour for this dirty process.

Example 2. More likely – Wiping off leaves, sticks and batting away bugs before angrily punching it into that minuscule little bag.  And to think you actually put your pillow in there?

Example 3. What about when there is mud and sludge? Then you’d wish it was disposable tent. Because you don’t have a hose to clean it off, or an extra day to let it dry out. Even Mike Tyson couldn’t punch this amount of mud into that tiny bag.  On top of that –  you don’t have a truck. That means you’ll end up packing this muddy mess home in the back of your car.  No wonder your girlfriend hates camping.

Example 4.  You have a Tentsile tent. You have risen above all of these dirty problems.

Experience the Outdoors Elevated
Different Tentsile Tent Models
connectThe Tentsile Connect 2 man tree tent is a dynamic lightweight model great for any adventurer on the go.   Yet don’t mistake lightweight for weakness, The Connect is a featherweight to pack a around but a heavy weight when it comes to fending off the elements.  Sets up in just two minutes, you’ll connect with nature from a whole new perspective for the rest of your trip.   The versatility is the best thing about Tentsile tents, it’s like buying legos. Once you buy one,  you’ll just want more pieces all you’ll want to do is figure out new ways to build the perfect Treehouse.   The Connect tent clips into other Tentsile tents.   Head out with your friends and create your own super suspended super camp (check out the Tentsile Trilogyconnect ). If someone stumbled onto your campsite they might first think it was a UFO, then seconds later beg to climb the ladder to join the canopy party.

The removable fly sheet comes in 5 colors, insulates you from the elements when you need it, or pack away and enjoy the canopy view when you don’t.Set up between 3 trees, or any solid object like columns, boulders or as a fail safe: your vehicle. If the terrain doesn’t permit a suspended tent, you can always pitch a tentsile tent on the ground. With a full insect mesh top, 4 doors, removable fly sheet available in 5 colors.  Extra bonus: The rainfly is design to create a “porch” for the tent, perfect place to hangout.

The Tentsile Connect is currently available at Backcountry  and


Rise above any ground conditions and experience the upside of the outdoors.
Tentsile Accessories


The hatch in the center of the tent opens for the light weight ladder – feel like a kid again climbing into the perfect tree house.    The light weight ladder rolls up perfectly into the stow away container for later use and easily packs away with the rest of your camping gear.  Especially when you get creative and set up your tent higher, you’ll need this bad boy to climb in and out of your dream treehouse. At a length of 6 feet – this ladder is not only fun to climb, but it’s secure.  When it’s folded it’s only 6″x5″xby 1.5″ and a lightweight ounces.  Color and pouch varies – but these guys are always coming up with the best color schemes, so you won’t be disappointed.

ladderladder ladder2 ladder4ladder7ladder6

Get the Tentsile Weighted Ladder online from REI or Backcountry.    These items sell out quickly, so you can always check out

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History about the Company that’s Changing History
“We brought Stingray into the world so that everyone can enjoy all the happiness and joy that hanging out in trees brings; an experience to share; a shelter big enough to move around in covered space during those long rainy afternoons; a way to sleep in the woods in supreme comfort over any ground conditions, away from bugs, away from water and mud. ” ALEX SHIRLEY-SMITH Tentsile Inventor and Co-Founder

Created by UK inventor Alex Shirley-Smith, Tentsile is an ingenious portable suspended treehouse that sets up like a hammock, yet offers a spacious enclosed shelter for up to 6 people depending on the model. Suspended by three anchor points, the Tentsile tents are portable, practical and flat out cool. Tentsile tents take out all the downsides of camping, offering an entirely new experience to the outdoors.  It doesn’t matter how rugged you are, or how accustomed you’ve become to camping out on the ground.  Leave your foam padding at home, relax and enjoy the view.

Looking at the sleek, streamlined Tentsile tents – you immediately are drawn to the cool factor and the impeccable design.  When you see other failed attempts at “Tree Tents” – you will realize and come to appreciate what a fantastic product Tentsile truly is.

The Early Years

Ten years after first envisioning a canopy camping experience, Alex Shirley-Smith began the endeavoring process of developing the portable, tensioned tree structured that you see today.  The Tentsile model you see today was first prototyped by Shirley-Smith in 2010.  The early versions went insanely viral – and in 2012 talented product designer Kirk Kirchev came into the mix helping to refine the mean streamlined models you see today. Sleek and stealthy, these Tentsiles are as eye catching as they are comfortable – and that was no accident. The team worked tirelessly through 14 prototypes before perfecting the Tentsile Stingray. 

Like any good company, there’s always a good story to the start of it. The sleek Stingray Tent showcases the expert craftsmanship of a disciplined Architect Alex Shirley Smith, and some blood and sweat from his brother Robert Shirley-Smith:

’I worked with Alex in the very begin stages of the creation of Tentsile. Alex and I worked together on the second prototype of Tentsile, now called The Beast, this tent suspended 8 people in between the trees under one roof, the down side was it weighted 38 Kilograms! We worked together for 2.5 weeks in the wind and rain making the Beast, which was suspended within a scaffold tower 4.5 meters off the ground. After all that hard work we realised we had to slim down the tent was that people could actually use it and we so we could actually make it! After working 6 months with Alex and Tentsile, I had to continue to earn some money through my bread and butter as a carpenter. Alex and Tentsile carried on ahead.

2 years later after Kirk  had already been with Alex and Tentsile for approximately 6 months, the modern day Stingray finally was completed. The pair of inventors were absolutely elated to see they had managed to reduce size, shape, weight, cost, usability and more, this was an important step for the development of Tentsile.’’ Robert Shirley-Smith

Ingenuity and innovation is our life-blood. Companies like Tentsile who are pushing the envelope elevate the outdoor experience while preserving the environment are raising the standard. GearChase

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