New Balance + Shoes for Crews ARISI V3 Review

Travis GneitingApparel

These are the New Balance ARIS V3 non-slip shoes. They’re a collaboration between Shoes for Crews and New Balance.

They are a great shoes for walking around in everyday activities that are lightweight and offer a non-slip soul as well as fresh foam for a lightweight cushioned feeling.

The tread pattern has a unique design that prevents slipping in work areas. This is an ASTM f2913-19 requirement for slip resistance.

The upper shoe is made of a lightweight breathable synthetic mesh. The shoes only weigh 9.4 oz per shoe plus or minus depending on the size. The shoe’s soul is a fresh foam lightweight ultra-cushioned feel to them.

when comparing these to other New Balance shoes I’ve used aside from the difference in tread pattern shown in the video.

If you are looking for a work shoe that meets the slip resistance requirements that is also extremely comfortable and looks great be sure to check out the ARISH Version 3 from New Balance and shoes for crews.

You can see the shoes here: