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Jackson Hole Backcountry
Playground for Inspirational Women Freeride Skiers

Take a lesson from the hard core local pros, these women riders know the terrain and have some fierce skillswhen it comes to serious tricks and twists in steep runs, carving clean lines in deep powder, dropping off vertical cliffs and throwing tricks in backcountry like it was childsplay.  These rockstar powder hounds have been playing in the backcountry their whole lives and skiing, throwing tricks, and insane areal maneuvers an acquired second nature.

Jackson Hole Backcountry – Ultimate Powder Playground

Jackson Hole Backcountry

Stomping Grounds for World’s Most Talented Women Skiers

A picturesque ski town, Jackson Hole is known for being home to swank tycoons and rugged no-nonsense outdoor enthusiasts.  Jackson Hole is also stomping grounds for some of the world’s greatest skiers and snowboarders.  Epic powder, incredible backcountry, and a scenic backdrops – no wonder film makers from EPIC TV headed to Jackson Hole looking to find talented skiers. Female talent that is.  Jackson Hole is flooded with amazing talented female skiers and snowboarders.   With fierce freestyle skills and backcountry prowess – these remarkable women showcase their talent, something they do naturally – just as naturally as men, and just as good as men – if not better than many.  It’s just a case by case basis – no contest. The Film put women skier on the stage.  A stage that perhaps, women had been unintentionally been put on the backstage.  “Our intention,” Lynsey told Skiing magazine, “is to give a platform to girls and women, to showcase what they are capable of on skis in their own stomping grounds.”  Up to 80% off Women’s Ski Gear Here

Jackson Hole offers women a huge opportunity given the terrain of this amazing town.   The ability to be able to freeride in the backcountry – the natural terrain with perfectly placed “obstacles” and cliff drop offs, give these rock star skiers all the challenges they need to learn and perform their acrobatic tricks and maneuvers that require extreme balance and discipline you can’t even imagine.  What might look like a simple twist or landing takes years to master, especially with the effortless look and style executed by these extraordinary women riders. While Freestyle snowboard and ski riders may be relegated to terrain parks and rails or other man made obstacles or groomed jumps/kickers.  Yet the talent and skills required is arguably similar, but any rider would likely agree, riding in a picturesque backcountry would likely be preferable than a snowboard park.


The local women skiers and snowboarders here know how to carve lines through the terrain like painting art on a canvas.  Sit in awe as these all star girls shred Corbet’s Courlior, S&S and Cody Peak.  At watch a record breaking air drop taken claimed by a female in Jackson Hole.

The Film has an interesting back story – the country is loaded with amazingly gifted women skiers. Selecting the female skiers to be showcased in the film was difficult, the film wasn’t going highlight skiers that were already sponsored.  The film wanted to hold a contest that celebrated local female skiers doing their own thing, in their own snow covered playground.

Riders submitted the entries, and upon difficult decisions of reviewing individual entries of local women riding their home ground backcountry – film makers decided to highlight rock star skier Lynsey Dyer featuring the incredible freeriding of Crystal Wright, Jess McMillan, Hadley Hammer, Kim Havell, and Sash Dingle.  The film was shot on the epic backcountry of Mt Corbet’s Couloir, S&S, and Cody Peak.
Photo credits, permission Zach Dischner Flickr: Creative Commons Attribution

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