Zeal Lookout Ski & Snowboard Goggle Review

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The Bottom Line

Zeal Lookout ski and snowboard goggle

The Zeal Lookout ski and snowboard goggle is one of the best options for a high quality goggle and lens that stands out from the competition with their optional photochromatic lens, patented Rail Lock System, and Observation Deck Technology.

*At the time of post, may be out of stock

Pros and Cons of the Zeal Lookout Goggle

  • Patented Rail Lock System, easly switch lens
  • Observation Deck Technology for better viewing angles
  • Photochromic lens available that change tint with UV intensisty
  • Helmet and Goggle integration can be hit or miss
  • Very difficult to change lens with a helmet on
  • Hard to get a tight seal against your face with some helmets



The Lookout is a flat style lens that is cylindrical from side to side. The goggles have an oversized look to them with very high quality lens options for optical clarity, eye protection, all in a good looking ski/snowboard goggle.

The Rail lock system is one of the easiest locking magnetic lens options I have used. There are two strong magnets at the bottom of the frame that the lens slides in from the top of the google and meets the magnets securing it in place without the need of tabs or other locking mechanizms.

Front image of Zeal Lookout Goggle
Photo Credit: Travis Gneiting


The lookout goggles come in 16 different color options with a wide variety of lenses including the automatic + which automatically adjusts as the UV light increases or decreases which makes it the perfect lens for variable sky coverage. Ironically, these goggles allow for easily swapping lenses which you wouldn’t need to do if your lenses automatically adjust to the light outside. however, there may be times when you just want a very low VST or low amount of light that you can control by swapping out lenses.

There are a lot of misconceptions about fogging goggles. The Lookout goggles have an Everclear anti-fog coating, but the best defense is keeping your goggles dry to prevent fogging in the first place. Having an additional lens is nice if you get snow in your goggles or let them in a wet case and found out that they fogged when you put them on.

Front image of Zeal Lookout Goggle
Photo: Travis Gneiting

My Personal Use of the Lookout Goggles

There are a few different options for goggles with different colors and lenses. These options change the price range depending on the technology in the lens you are selecting. Some lenses offer more light in that are good for cloudy and overcast days. while other mirrored lenses offer more sun blocking and protection for your eyes. Don’t just select a pair based on price, make sure you are selecting the lenses that most closely meet your riding conditions.

Changing the lenses is super easy and feels very secure you just push up from the bridge of the nose and the lens slides up along the two rails toward the outside of the frame. The lens is held in place by two magnets at the bottom. installing a new lens just requires reversing the process by lining up the two rails and sliding the lens down.

Front image of Zeal Lookout Goggle
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Additional Thoughts

This can be difficult if you are wearing a helmet and trying to change your lenses it’s easiest to remove them from the helmet to have easier access above the goggles. The photochromic lenses make all the colors pop and provide some additional clarity. you can purchase additional lenses for various prices depending on the technology.

For my use with the lenses I didn’t experience any fogging I wore them with a Smith Vantage helmet and felt that I had to over-tighten the strap to get a good seal around my face. Along the top of the goggles where they met the helmet was a good seal. However, I’ve noticed with other helmets there can be a gap. the rubber coating on the strap really helps to keep the goggles in place once they’re tightened.

Front image of Zeal Lookout Goggle
Photo: Travis Gneiting


  • Photochromic Lens Options
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Dual Permashield Cylindrical Polycarbonate Lens
  • Helmet Compatible
  • 3 layer foam construction
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Adjustable non-slip headstrap
  • Compatible over some glasses and with RX inserts
Front image of Zeal Lookout Goggle
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Zeal FAQ

Are Zeal Goggles any good?

Zeal Goggles are prmium goggles made with high quality materials and features that a lot of lower priced goggles don’t include. They are a very good option for someone looking for a preimum lens, well built frame, quality foam, and an overall good looking goggle.

Where are Zeal Goggles Made?

They are made in China

What are the lens made of?


Do Zeal Goggles work with helmets?

Yes, Zeal Goggles are marketed as Helmet Compatible however, with our testing different shaped helmets work better with others with Zeal Goggles.

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*At time of post, may be out of stock

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*At time of post, may be out of stock

Final Thoughts

For an oversized, helmet compatible ski and snowboard goggles the Zeal Lookout are some of the best on the market.

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