2014 Nike Kaiju Snowboard Boot Review

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2014 Nike Kaiju Snowboard Boot Review

http://www.halfpipelondon.com/wp-content/uploads/nike-zoom-kaiju-fortress-green.jpgReview with Pictures, Youtube Videos and comparisons to other boots in it’s class. Check out a quick and dirty review video just to show you the sleek look, interior lining, awesome traction and of course the design that no other brand can even start to compete with. That billion dollar swoosh, a brand that can even be recognized in a third world country where people can’t even afford shoes. Nike, it’s a love hate relationship. For some reason we hate these big brands, but Nike sure can make shoes, and they sure proved that they can make hell of a snowboard boot and fought their way to the top giving burton, forum and everyone else a run for their money. Check out them out.


When it comes to how they hold up riding, comfort and flex – it all depends on personal preference. These boots like all the Nike line – have been designed for a specific type of rider. That is why Nike has developed such a broad range of snowboard boots – and which is why it is important to understand their features and which boot is right for you. So good thing you are here reading the review of the Nike Kaiju Snowboarding boot.  

One of the main concerns and positives side of these boots is the amazing flex and high responsiveness. For a freestyle rider, this is a dream come true. For a seasoned all terrain rider that rides park and backcountry and knows how to adjust their posture and stance this boot can accomodate a variety of terrain, but for riders that may rely on their boot, and for very agressive riders – you may want to think again. Yet this is all relative, Zoom force 1 nikes and Zoomites have been reviewed to be stiffer snowboard boots than the Kaiju.  Your best bet is to hit up the local shop and try them on for yourself!  Then find the best deal online. (We’ll give you a big hint, we search over 150 retailers in one click – from REI to Patagonia.  It’s like KAYAK.com but you can actually buy a kayak.  www.GearChase.com)

For Very aggressive riders, there may be better fits in the Nike Line, thing zoom force, Lunerandors or the Zoomites.  The House.com always does great video’s on new snowboard boots that come out – here is another great video to check out.  Yet the important thing to keep in mind is always your riding style.  Very aggresive riders may find a better boot in other styles. We always try to give unbiased reviews – yet these boots are all great products, but not one boot can fit everyone’s needs. Let us chase down the deals for you! Here’s the list of sales, discounts and best deals on Nike Kaiju 2014 2013 SNowboard Boots  from all your favorite shops like The House, REI, Backcountry (and we checked the inventories of over 100 other stores while we were at it to make sure we didn’t miss a single deal!).   Click here!



One of the most common questions, is how do the Nike Kaiju Snowboard boots compare to the Nike  lunarendor’s?  Some of the latest innovations to the Nike lunarendor boot is the flex, great feature for freestyle boarders. The question really depends on your riding style. Well why don’t you find out. We did a comprehensive review of the 2014 Niek Lunarendor snowboard boots, including pictures videos and gathered all reviews information across the web to save you time – check it out: http://wp.me/p20pDI-sg.  A quick video review on the Nike Lunarendor Snowboard Boot is here:



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