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The Perfect Solution for the Active Woman’s Everyday Problem

Sports bras with pockets are taking the market by storm. On the forefront of the hype, Swoob has been setting the standard when it comes to design and performance.  Swoob was featured on the Today Show for their innovative sports bra pocket designs and fashion forward Women’s workout clothes.  Catering to the active woman’s every day yoga+sports+bra+low+impact+thin+strap+iphonelifestyle,  Shape Magazine showcased Swoob for their hip workout apparel and yoga wear.  With stow-and-go pockets, Swoob specializes in sports bras with secure waterproof pockets, workout leggings, yoga gear and will soon offer an entire line of women’s active wear hitting the shelves Spring 2015.   Swoob offers super cute technical workout clothes to give the active woman what she needs for every workout. With a wide selection of fashion forward tees, tanks and lounge pants and leggings have new materials, fresh colors and a trend setting look for the gym, yoga studio or the trail.  We like Swoob because it’s more than just another clothing line, Swoob promotes a lifestyle.  Encouraging women to lead healthy, confident, active lives – with motto’s like “Exercise to be fit, not skinny”.  Pictured above is the Luana Cross Strap Pocket Sports Bra.  Keep reading for full reviews of Swoob’s wide selection of Pocket Sports bra’s, from the Idona Racerback Running Bra to the New Panther Protection Bra.

SWOOB Featured on the TODAY Show and SHAPE Magazine


Whether you want to look super cute while you work out, or have the perfect leggings to match with any outfit to wear around the town – Swoob has a fresh take on active women’s gear with the quality to compete with big names like Lululemon.  Swoob  even offers a Money back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied.   So whether you need yoga gear to keep you covered upside, downside or sideways – Swoob has got you covered.   Or if you want to hit up the gym some major workouts and don’t want want to show the sweat,  Swoob will keep you feeling cool and looking good with high quality materials that breathe when you turn up the heat.  Swoob is serious fitness gear with a fresh new look, and a price that won’t bust the bank.

 Exercise to Be Fit, Not Skinny


It was only a matter of time before other sports bras trickled into the market slipping in pockets where they could. Because honestly, there has been a need ever since the iPhone. You may have seen the latest contender featured on the latest episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank”.  The BoobyPack,  proudly proclaimed “Fanny Pack for your Rack” fully equipped with waterproof  side pocket to stash your phone (and durable rubber zipper to completely chaff your underarm if you ever did any kind of cardio workout). The high margins on this $55 bra caught the attention of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and businesswoman Barbara Corcoran. “Shark Tank” is an American reality television show by ABC where aspiring entrepreneurs are contestants who pitch their business to investors, also known as “Sharks.”  Yet beware, the only thing that might be eaten alive is your underarms, in the event you wear the Boobypack in a marathon.

Pockets in All the Right Placesworkout Black Widow Webbed Pocket Sports Bra Fuchsia back .jpg

SWOOB bras are so flattering, you’ll forget they even have pockets.  Sleek, secure, chic – you’ll forget you even have your phone with you until it rings. Sports bras with pockets aren’t an entirely new concept, but having a design that is functional and comfortable for smart phones is a new concept.  Top name brands like “Lululemon Run: Stuff Your Bra II” and The North Face Women’s Stow-N-Go High Impact Sports Bra (View Here) were only designed for smaller items like fuel gels or keys – perhaps more ideal for a marathon or other situation where you may not need an actual full blow cell phone with you.  The BoobyPack  and JoeyBra Sports Bra’s both stashes your cell phone in the side of the bra under your armpit. While both of these companies were major innovators, coming out before NorthFace – any runner or long distance athlete knows this is a major no no.  Any extra material or even rough inseams in the inner arm cause major chaffing on long runs.  Especially adding any extra bulk of phones, keys or credit cards – even a low impact workout of yoga or pilates might suffer in flexibility or comfort (imagine a cell phone digging into your side while doing those extended side stretches). There is also question as to how much of an advantage this is over the arm band, as the chord (if you used it as an mp3 player, would also get tangled in your arm). Stowing a phone on the side of a bra would never work for a distance runner, or even a jogger.

Technical Yoga Gear to Slouchy Pullovers and Lounge Pants

pull-VI-1The BoobyPack (FannyPak for your Rack) sports bra has a zipper side pocket for phones/wallets and comes in sizes from Small to Extra large with two styles crop-top style or tankini tops. This is likely appropriate for hikes, walks on the beach or as advertised on the Shark Tank Episode “Dancing”.  The BoobyPack doesn’t necessarily reflect the qualities of a fitted sports bra in terms of catered cup sizes and high quality materials needed to offer the support for for high or moderate impact sports – yet came across more as a piece of loose apparel.  The side zipper would likely cause an uncomfortable amount of chaffing given any type of cardio workout. While the piece looks comfortable, and an attractive day to day piece to wear while hiking or rock climbing even, the piece also did not fit tight enough to offer enough coverage for a yoga workout where one would need a material with the flex and movement to offer not only support, but move with the body to offer coverage.

What has always set SWOOB sports bras apart from the competition SWOOB is a company that specializes in Sport bras for women specifically designed to hold cell phones and iPhones while running, Yoga or any activity. Your phone won’t fall out of the SWOOB sports bra whether you are upside down or doing high impact cross train sports.

Swoob Yoga gear covers you upside, downside or sidewaysswoods

Living a Happy Healthy Lifestyle. Swoob Fit.


While other bras with pockets have been out on the market for a while, the media has taken favor to Swoob. From NBCs Today Show to SHAPE magazine, Swoob has caught the attention of the media for their quality product consistently producing fashion forward designs and high performance active wear that get the job done.  Yet it’s more than that.  Swoob cares.  Dedicated to fitness and women’s health, Swoob has a a noticeably different attitude in how it markets to women.  Their entire business is focused around how to help women live happy, healthy, and strong – and it shows through their marketing ads and strong community following.  There is also something to say about buying from a company that specializes in producing a specific product. Especially when it comes to protecting something as expensive as a phone.  Swoob fit offers so many different styles and sizes and colors in sports bras from extra small 32 A to 40″ D.  As all women know, it can be difficult to find a the right fit with the right amount of support – particularly for high impact sports.  Yet with the wide selection of fabrics and styles, from racerbacks to wide straps – Swoob caters to the spectrum when it comes to activities and sizes. We aren’t the only ones who were impressed, SWOOB was featured on the NBC Today Show on 10/15/2013 – a Milestone for a Kicktarter company only launched a few months prior. Watch SWOOB highlighted on the Today show here.

Swoob Fashion Forward Styles and Colors



Breast-Cancer-Ribbon-PaintA controversial topic surrounding sports bras with pockets is cell phone radiation. Swoob takes the issue of breast cancer very seriously, and unlike other sports bras with pockets – Swoob has addressed the issue head on by incorporating a solution right into the fabric. Swoob is committed to taking every precaution when it comes to making high quality products that protect and and control exposure to potential cancer risks.  Swoob’s founder, Kyle Muir, lost his grandmother due to breast cancer. “Though studies have not yet proven a correlation between cell phone use and cancer, the research is young and admittedly incomplete,” Kyle said. The company has been diligently partnering with fabric manufacturers to find solutions to mitigate radiation exposure risks. Finding optimal apparel fabrics that shield from potentially harmful signals is a priority.  Swoob’s commitment to breast cancer awareness and prevention is built right into their product with the Panther Protective Sports Bra , featuring radiation protective fabric.

 Introducing Panther Protective Sports Bra

Amy-VNot only a fresh take on active wear, Swoob offers the only sports bra with pockets with a real solution when it comes to mitigating the risk of exposure to cell phone radiation. Other sports bras with pockets offer no protective materials to shield against cell phone radiation, which would require users to turn off their phones while working out, or purchase another piece of equipment like the Pong Anti-Radiation Phone Case for an Additional $59.99 dollars.  SWOOB is the only sports bra with pockets that has a radiation resistant fabric to help shield against cell phone radiation.


 Cell Phone Radiation Protective Fabric

The added radiation protection doesn’t compromise comfort. It is important to mention that though the bra has protective shielding properties, the Panther protective sports bra is just as comfortable, flexible and durable as any of the other Swoob sports bras. Movement is not restricted in this sports bra, even with the shielding properties and high quality technical fabric. However, what is it that is being shielded against and are the claims real?

Promo-I 2

Management at Swoob has focused their efforts on breast cancer prevention in producing The Panther Protective Sports Bra. This bra is the first sports bra to shield and protect against breast cancer. At the same time, the sport bras racerback design is flattering and made of high quality technical fabric. The bra is the perfect fitness outfit addition for breast cancer prevention and is great for runners or others participating in high performance high-impact workouts. The black technical fabric is made of high quality polyester spandex that is not see through. The fabric has a giving, yet tenacious stretch that feels durable. The bra material is durable, resilient and a quality that will  last.

BlackProtective-IIBreast Cancer Prevention

The  Panther Protective Sportsbra claims to aid in breast cancer prevention by shielding harmful radiation fromRadiofrequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s). To make it simple, RF are radiowaves that carry a variety of invisible currents carrying radio signals most commonly used in cellular communication, where as EMFs typically form around or transmit from charged objects. To combat these invisible forces, the bra interior is lined with a soft stretch silver-plated fabric with proven shielding properties to reduce the harmful effect of cell phone radiation. The Swoob sports bra includes three interior pockets to stow your smartphone, keys, and energy gels. The bra pockets are lined with the same shielding fabric.

Reduce Your Exposure to Harmful Wireless Radiation

BlackProtective-IIIRadiated Power is a measure of the radiation your mobile devices are emitting. Radiated power isn’t necessarily all bad, it’s what gives you  a strong mobile connection on your cell phone.  The controversy is whether or not having that strong radiation right next to your chest can have negative repercussions down the road.  Truth is, better save than sorry.

The bra’s shielding performance is rated at 30-50 dB and tested from 1-10 GHz. Since everything wireless is regulated by government at 2.4 GHz Swoob Protective sports bra is rated to shield most if not all wireless signals. Since the bra is super comfortable and made of high grade fabric it is a great sports bra for high performance activities like running, dancing, and workout classes. At the same time, the racerback design looks great and would be perfect for yoga beginners, running beginners, or those starting their fitness journey in other ways. Swoob is known for its sports bras with pockets and also has a line of comfy leggings and capri leggings.

Comfort and Protectionswoobero

The Panther Protective Sports Bra seems inspired from the capris and leggings because it is just as comfortable for workouts and incorporates the same quality of high performance technical fabric blend as Swoob’s leggings and capri leggings. The bra design is similar to Swoob’s Idona Sports Bra with pockets. The main difference between the two bras is the type of fabric used. The Panther Protective Sports Bra has the same wide straps and sits on the shoulders in a comfortable way. The high performance fabric is double layered creating a supportive and flattering full coverage coverage. Expect to use this bra and reuse this bra even after washing multiple times.


High Performance Active Wear for Serious Athletes

static1.squarespace.comFitted, comfortable, and with pockets that are protective and don’t interfere with your workout – Swoob offers sports bras for serious athletes. Whether you are a Yogi, Runner or just want to make sure you are spending your money on something that will last – Swoob products are made with durable material and designs that hold-up, literally.  Unlike other bras with pockets on the sides that can chaff your underarms while you run, Swoob pockets are on the front for easy access to power gels, keys or music players. Swoob sportwear is made for the active woman – with apparel for every day, or serious workouts. These sizes are not just generic Small to Extra Large. Swoob is a legitimate women’s sportwear company, with over 8 select bra styles catering to low impact to high impact sports – wether you are a serious triathalete or a yoga addict. Sizes come in extra small cup a to extra-large with special fabrics up to size D for serious support. yet come in sizes for the individual women in cup sizes A to D.green-IIV

The Perfect Solution to the Active Woman’s Everyday Problem

Slouchy-III.jpgRunning is great, except when you’re choosing between leaving you’re cell phone at home or bulging pockets.  Swoob is the sleek solution to bulky pockets and running armbands that cut off your circulation and leave you tangled in the chord.  Finally, a sports bra with a pocket for your cell phone, that is actually comfortable and functional. Kickstarter Swoob has brought the perfect solution to the active woman’s every day problem. Swoob Sports Bras have been expertly engineered with the hidden innovative of water proof pockets to hold your cell phone, keys and other essentials – keeping them dry and secure while you workout.  Swoob bras have a signature modern style, with a tailored fit made from the highest quality materials.  The best part, is you don’t need to buy any extra workout accessories.   In fact – Swoob bras are so expertly crafted with high quality fabrics and fashion forward designs, you’d want one even without the ingenious idea. The ingenuity doesn’t stop with sports bras, Swoob is engineering an entire line of active wear and workout apparel catering to the athletic woman.  Swoob has a mission to support the active lifestyles of women, with innovative ideas and modern designs that will even keep the big names running for their money. At http://gearchase.com/ we

only review the best products, bringing you the best innovative productsbefore anyone else.  Swoob is a kickstart company, likely before long you’ll see their items on the shelves of major retailers competing with big namebrand running sports bras for women

Chic and Practical

cute workout clothes and sports bra outfits

Women have been stashing away goods in their bras since they were invented, everything from post it notes to credit cards.

The hardcore athlete wouldn’t want to admit it, but you’ve probably headed out on a run with essentials stashed away in some sweaty, less than ideal places.  So what’s a girl to do? If you’re going to run  serious miles, you need to have essentials with you. A fuel gel to keep you going strong on the trail, or a cell phone in the event of an emergency. Featuring a center front pocket to stow away your smart phone and two side pockets to stow away your keys, credit card, chapstick or other essentials that you’d have to carry or leave behind.  Compatible with Androids, iPhones or Blackberries, the water resistant materials and sweat-wicking fabric keep you and your phone dry during any workout.  So don’t worry about sweating your way to a broken iPhone.
Yoga Legging Pocket Capri Eco Black front .jpg

Practical and Fashionable

Long gone are the days of tying keys to your shoe laces, wearing you key ring around your finger during your run, wearingbulking arm bands for your iPHone or Mp3 Player or the college days of stashing keys in the bushes (we’ve all done it). Not to mentioned those still sporting fanny packs.

There are plenty of us who have been putting goods in sports bras without pockets, only to find out our keys fell out somewhere along the way on our run home – or even worse have broken phones or iPods to show for it.  Just the key imprint on your skin is annoying enough.

Thanks to Swoob, they’ve developed a cutting edge product – a high quality sports bra we’d already buy (that almost looks like a fashion statement), eliminating the need waste money on any extra gizmos/belts and finally gives us the confidence that our things our secure no matter how vigorous the workout.

Making an Entrance: 2013 Outdoor Retailer Show

water-II.jpgDebuting at the premier outdoor trade show in North America, Swoob made an impression at the 2013 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City Utah.  Competing against big names from Skull Candy to The North Face, curious outdoor enthusiasts intrigued by the simple solution to the everyday problem were quickly won-over by the chic designs and fabrics.  Swoob is Yoga meets Cross-fit, and there is a product for every sport in between. From high performance sports wear to four-way stretch leggings, Swoob has a signature style for everyone’s fitness needs.

With modern styles and colors, Swoob offers a level of support to fit every level of activity from a marathons to a Pilates class– Swoob products are designed with fabrics to suite every active lifestyle.  Light weight, breathable materials are perfect for Yoga and Rock Climbing. High support, sweat-wicking fabrics are ideal for high-impact running and intense cardio workouts.






 Luana CrossStrap – Serious Stretch handles serious Sweat

NinaWith a chic exterior design that contours to the body, the Swoob Bras always held their own and stayed in place no matter what move we threw at it. The Luana CrossStrap Sports Bra has some serious serious stretch and can handles some serious sweat. The silky smooth material is light weight and strips away the sweat faster than you can make it.


Breathable materials and a tailored design that fits like a glove, the Luana feels like a second-skin – enabling you to breathe and bend effortlessly. Whether you are a Yogi or Rock Climber, you don’t know what you’ve been missing.  The Luana Cross Strap is so light weight and breathable, it should be called “The Naked”.  Yet it offers the support that no other sport bra in its class can compete with, not to mention the pockets for your iPhone or Android.

The Luana offers stretch for freedom of movement and wicks moisture away, keeping you cool and dry. Whether you’re testing your limits on the yoga mat or the mountain, the last thing you want to worry about what you’re wearing – especially when it’s not staying in place.  To shop for the Luana, click here.

You can always count on the Luana to stay within the boundaries when you are testing your limits. The Luana has breathable material that wicks away with amazing contouring yet comfortable support. The exterior design and colors are modern and wearable on their own, or seamless underneath other workout apparel.

Idona Racerback – Ultra Soft High Performance Support

The Idona Racerback Pocket Sports Bra is engineered for the high performance. With ultra support and coverage, the Idona was designed specifically for the woman on the move –  runners, cardio-addicts and other high intensity workouts.

The Idona is one of the most popular styles and it’s easy to see why. The material is ridiculously soft, like a big teddy bear hug while you run. Yet it seems nothing at Swoob is designed without function. The soft materials were specifically chosen to reduce the chance of chaffing during those high endurance workouts and long runs.

The wide straps sit perfectly on the shoulders, giving full support without pulling on the shoulders or leaving painful marks on your skin.  The full coverage design and double layer poly-spandex blend give serious support up to size D.  Unlike many bras that might initially offer softness and fit, the Idona fabric demonstrated amazing shape retention.  After a long runs, multiple washes and any abuse you put it through – the Idona will hold up, and it will hold you up too.

Many high support athletic bras tend to be so uncomfortable you may only wear when you absolutely have to. Yet the Idona is so comfortable you’ll find yourself wearing it for even for moderate workouts.  

The material is a secure fit, but provides just the right amount of give for those strenuous workouts.

This soft and breathable fabric so soft it helps keep irritating chafe in check. The sleek design and smooth lines looks great under a workout shirt or any workout apparel from the Swoob active wear line.   Like all the Swoob products, the Idona features the signature hideaway for your phone and accessories.  To Shop for the Swoob Idona, Click Here

Fact is, women have been stashing away iPhones and mp3 players for as long as there have been sports bras. Finally there is an active wear designer that caters to the athletic woman and understands the need for fashion and function.

Kyel Muire, CEO and founder of SWOOB Inc is the innovator and business machine behind this successful kickstarter. “Fashion without functionality is pointless. As more and more women look to find balance in their lifestyle, we are seeing new and creative looks to meet the demands of the busy, active female. ” explains Kyle Muir, CEO of Swoob Inc.

With a mission to support the active lifestyle of females, Swoob has branched out to elevate active wear across the board.  Offering a full line of active wear from bottoms, tanks, hoodies an a full range  of accessories from water bottles to fitted hats and lib balm – Swoob is catering to the full spectrum from street to mountain.

Swoob Active Wear Tops and Tanks

Swoob is also ahead of the trend when it comes to workout tops and tanks. With signature style for the street and gym, Swoob  tops have been making waves. Unlike all the skin tight tanks that ride up as you move and leave you no room to breathe, a full line of Swoob Racerback tanks are a modern and  flattering, keeping you cool and covered during any workout. Whether you’re pushing your limits in a spinning class or heading to the finish line, breathable materials will keep you cool and comfortable and the fresh chic designs will keep you looking good while your doing it.

Lightweight and loose fitting tanks easily layer easily over any bra, or serve as a hybrid base layer when it’s cool. The breathable and wicking fabric helps to keep you cool in even when you turn up the heat.


SWOOB Workout Leggings and Lounge Pants

Swoob’s ingenuity hasn’t stopped in just creating sports bra’s, they are catering to the athletic woman offering Full-length workout Leggings that cut the cord on all the pit falls of other leggings.   Unlike many leggings that tend to rideup, or flare too much at the ankle that gets in the way for high intensity workouts – this slimming and practical design is ideal for any workout from yoga to running.  

Yet Swoob is also offering urban street wear, from fitted hats to lounge pants – all with the signature modern style and high quality materials. Like any of the Swoob products, high quality fabric doesn’t snag or leave those embarassing “nubs” after multiple washes.  The color won’t fade, and as always – there will always be that hidden innovation to give you that sleek stoway to stash your iPhone or keys.  

Swoob is on it’s way to offering a full line of women’s active wear to compete with the best in the industry. This type of creativity and mindset no doubt is what fed to the local media following in SLC shortly before the Outdoor Retailer Show and still continues to drive the success behind the Swoob brand.  Swoob is taking the Salt Lake City market by storm, and it’s only matter of time before the word gets out.  Find out more about Swoob and check out their entire product line at www.Swoob.com and follow them on Facebook/Swoob.  Next time you go running, Get a swoob sports bra with a cell phone pocket holder. Keep your iPhone, iPod mp3 player, keys and eveything else safe while you sweat it out and keep in shape. 

 Swoob specializes in sports bras with pockets and leggings for the active women. Their entire business is focused around how to help women live happy, healthy, and strong while staying on top of their busy schedules. Dedicated to fitness, womens health, nutrition and healthy food, workout routines, gym workouts, and, of course, super cute workout sportswear Swoob is planning big moves in the sportswear industry. Swoob’s mission is to empower, inspire, and motivate women to show up, be present, and become their best self! The company is doing just that by supporting real women live real and extraordinary lives.

Swoob expects a new line for fashion-forward fitness sportswear to hit shelves this Spring. The company is actively out seeking fit moms and fitness influencers to move its mission forward.

Additional Information on Cell Phone Radiation and Breast Cancer Risks


The risk of breast cancer from cell phones originates from Radiofrequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). The World Health Organization is taking the public health risk of cell phone related cancer risk, especially breast cancer, very seriously.
The World Health Organization (WHO) was established way back in 1948 as a special unit
of the United Nations to serve as a directing and coordinating authority for world health. The
organization is primarily responsible for “providing leadership on global health matters, shaping
the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy
options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.”
According to the World Health Organization, “While an increased risk of brain tumours from
the use of mobile phones is not established, the increasing use of mobile phones and the lack
of data for mobile phone use over time periods longer than 15 years warrant further research
of mobile phone use and brain cancer risk. In particular, with the recent popularity of mobile
phone use among younger people, and therefore a potentially longer lifetime of exposure, WHO
has promoted further research on this group and is currently assessing the health impact of RF
fields on all studied endpoints.”

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