Adidas Snowboarding Boots Review

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Adidas and snowboarding.  Almost seems like an oxymoron. Maybe it was Nike entering the snowy terrain and their rampat success that prompted the move – yet the first word that comes to mind is SKEPTICAL.  The action sports industry has a stigma of “hating” newcomers, especially when it comes to big commercial brands.  Somehow Nike was able to overcome this challenge – yet Nike came out with one mission: Nike Snowboarding Boots. They won the crowd over because they simply know feet – and everyone knows that.  For the latest sales on Adidas Snowboard Gear – brows here:  Adidas Snowboard Boot Sale.

Adidas announced the move in spring 2013, not only launching boots – but a full line of snowboard apparel as well.  With that broad ambition – the real question we are all wondering is how this jockey brand known for team sports and jocks is going to survive in the extreme sports arena.  It’s style, and more over – function. You can’t simply walk into the sub-zero world of aggressive riders and know how to make equipment that can withstand the abuse. We’re not playing tennis here.

Sponsored riders include Jake Blauvelt, Kazu Kokubo and Eric Jackson. To their credit, Adidas has sucessfully made gear for just about every Olympic event, and snowboarding seems on their part to be a natural transition.   Check out a fantastic video wherein Adidas Snowboarding Welcomes Helen Schettini,  If this is a sign of things to come, we will not be disappointed.


As of Fall 2013 – Adidas has 2 models of snowboard boots. 1)THE BLAUVELT 2) THE SAMBA  (and the Samba boot for Women)  Each of the models feature the signature 3 Adidas stripes and a low profile almost street-style shoe feel. They also have a very thin look to them, less bulky than other snowboard boots. Let’s just hope they pack the warmth of other snowboard boots – yet it is about time snowboard boots loose the mushroom look.

Here we’ll give you the break down of each, why they are different – and which might be the right fit for you depending on your riding style, price point.

The Blauvelt


The first Adidas Snowboard Boot to debut is the “Blauvelt“.   This is the highest price point boot, running about $350. Adidas pro rider Jake Blauvelt was a fan of Adidas’ well known soccer cleats, and he was was the first pro snowboarder to sign with Adidas.  Jake Blauvelt and helped develop the namesake boot meant for aggressive backcountry riding.  Intended for aggressive riding, with a stiff mainstay, and support the Blauvelt is for the freestyle rider.  The boot also has some great pop, giving you the support, but also that great action you need when you are pressing those turns and kicking those trix.

More for the all mountain rider, stiffer high end. Comes in blue and black. Starting with the exterior, has a rubber sole – light weight but great traction and durability. Double lacing for upper and lower heel.   Interior has a great ankle harness for great support holding you nice and tight.   The liner has neoprene in the toe, with a poer strap on the top keeping you secure with wool on the interior.  On the foot bed, they have kinda of weird but cool – ground up coffee beans to keep you smelling “good”. Well, suppose anything is better than sweaty sock stench.


The Samba

Based off samba shoe in the soccer line. Clean look, comes in the $250 range. With a comparatively softer flex, the Samba is a better all around boot for an intermediate rider who is exploring their abilities on the resort and the backcountry.  Classic lace, with the outer sole made of their trademarked “Continental” rubber, affording a light weight boot (which actually is much lighter weight than other snowboarding boots).  The boot feature a semi-stiff backstay, yet definitely not stiff enough for the very aggressive rider.  You can also tell by looking at the boot that it does no “lean forward” as much as the Blauvelt, hence as it is more of an intermediate level boot. Better for maneuvering, lending itself for movement and leaning those turns – definitely not for the aggressive rider.  The main things this boot lacks is the more advanced lacing systems – hence the price range drop. Yet it does have the basic functionality and comfortable features of a great boot – yet the accessability and convenience in terms of lacing and quick adjustments is the compromize you make for that $100 price drop.  Yet again, if you are the aggressive rider who spends more of your day in the backcountry than in the resort, you likely need the stiffness and support of the Blauvelt and the bells and whistles are just a nice perk.



The Samba for Women

Adidas debuted it’s new line of apparel and snowboard boots at the annual competitive SIA Snow Show in Denver in the 2013 winter season. The line includes women’s and men’s riding jackets, boots, snowboarding pants, under layers and one-piece snowsuits.  Featuring the laid back, loose fitting snowboard look, Adidas embodies the new trends and latest materials designed for comfort and light-weight insulation.

Unlike the blinding colors and obscene patterns that are bombarding the market, Adidas opted for a more mature look that seemed to be missing from the main stream and is offering a vast option of neutrals, black, whites, gray and color blocking. A nice palette for the mature rider – rather than the juvenile rider. Yet of course the signature nostalgic Adidas three stripes are instantly recognizes on some of the featured pieces.

We’ll keep you posted, with new video’s and upcoming products and apparel – we’ll no doubt see and hear more from adidas this coming season. Only time will tell this big league player will fare in the extreme arena.

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