Waterproof Rating

What is IPX Waterproof Rating?

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The IPX waterproof, water-resistant, or weatherproof rating standard is an international standard defined by the IEC 60529. It outlines the amount of water and the depth or direction of water on a device. This is important for understanding how much water your phone, GPS, bike computer, the watch can take before being concerned about water damaging the internals of your electronics. The IP Code stands for Ingress Protection Rating and …


What Size Snowboard Should You Buy 2024 Version

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It is imperative that you get the right size snowboard for your body height, weight and foot size.  If you are unable to see the snowboard in person and wondering “What size snowboard should you buy”, follow the instruction below to help you out. What Size Snowboard Should You Buy? There are many articles on line that explain what size snowboard you should buy, but GearChase.com is the only one …

How to dress kids for cold weather featured image

How to Dress Kids and Toddlers for Cold Weather

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Keeping your kids dry and warm outside during winter can make the cold weather months much more enjoyable. If you are looking for information on how to keep your kids and toddlers warm in cold weather you are in the right place. From toddlers playing outside in the front yard to snow shoeing in the backcountry you can expose them to all sorts of temperatures outside, so how do you …

38 Best Ski and Face Mask

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It’s almost Ski and Snowboard Season so we wanted to give you a few ideas to cover up that beautiful face of yours when in the cold.  From Balaclava’s to Beards, there is no better way to cover your face than with these! Share It or Shop real mask on GearChase.com