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What is IPX Waterproof Rating?

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The IPX waterproof, water-resistant, or weatherproof rating standard is an international standard defined by the IEC 60529. It outlines the amount of water and the depth or direction of water on a device. This is important for understanding how much water your phone, GPS, bike computer, the watch can take before being concerned about water damaging the internals of your electronics.

The IP Code stands for Ingress Protection Rating and is defined by the IEC and sometimes called or read as the International Protection Rating. This is usually listed on electronics outdoor gear as IPX-(number) the number defines the level or degree of protection. For example, it is safe to assume that an IPX7 rated product is more resistant to water damage than IPX3 rated product.

Most outdoor products like bike lights, watches, GPS units, bike computers


IPX Rating Chart

IP RatingWater Resitance Description
IPX-0No water protection
IPX-1Protection agains water drops like rain
IPX-2Protections against spraying water when tilted upto 15 degrees
IPX-3Protection agains spraying water when tilted up to 60 degrees
IPX-4Protection against spashing water at any angle
IPX-5Protection against low presure spraying water at any angle
IPX-6Protection against high presure spraying water at any angle
IPX-7Protection against water submersion for 30 minutes at up to 1 meter depth
IPX-8Protection agains continual water submersion in under water conditions

What is the ISO Waterproof Rating

The International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) also issues a water-resistance rating for watches.

ISO 22810 Covers watches for daily use like swimming.

ISO 6425 Covers watches used for scuba diving.

What is the ATM or BAR Rating

Another waterproof rating system you might see is the ATM or BAR. This is more common with watches like Garmin. An ATM is an abbreviation for atmosphere. For

ATM RatingHow Waterproof
0 ATMNo water
3 ATMShowering and Bathing
5 ATMSwim in pool
10 ATMSnorkeling and Surfing
20 ATMDeep diving


There are 5 ATM ratings to describe a products waterproof or water resistance rating. Each rating describes the various waterproof ratings.

0 ATM or BAR

A watch or electronic device with a 0 ATM or bar rating should not be used near water. They offer little to no water reistance. This means there are little to no precautions taken in the manufacturing of the products. There may not be any water seals, gaskets or glue to protect agains water reaching the electronics.

3 ATM or BAR

An electronic device with a 3 ATM rating might have o-rings or seals to help with water reaching the electronics and are rated to 3 atmospheres of presure. This sh ould withstand electronics in the rain, spashing of water but should not necessarly be taken swimming.

5 ATM or BAR

This rating is where you can start to submerse your electronices for shallow depths and low pressure for a slightly longer period of time that a 3 ATM rating. They are safe to be worn in the shower, swimming pool, but maybe not the ocean.

10 ATM or BAR

This is where you start seeing high end watches like the Garmin Fenix is rated with a 10 ATM. These electronice can be worn swimming, in the ocean, showering, etc. Most highend active watches or wearable computers are rated for 10 ATM.

20 ATM or BAR

Expect to pay a premium for a 20 ATM rating. These devices are usually used for scuba or skin diving as well as high speed sports that can take water at high pressure.

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