Bear Sleeping Bag

Sleep Inside a Bear?

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Looking to up your camping game?  Why not sleep in a bear?  This realistic bear sleeping bag was created by Eiko Ishizawa as a sculpture.  Inspired by a new story in 2006 about a bear that escaped into the Alps. This was the first bear in the wild in the region for 170 years. Controversy over if the bear should be killed or left alive inspired this creation. Ishizawa wanted …

Shoe Lace Locker

Shoe Lace Locker Review

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Here at we love to ride bikes! We love mountain biking shoes too.  We ride all types from clipless shoes and pedals to laced shoes and flats.  One of the issue we always seem to run into is getting laces stuck in the chain and chainring.  There is a solution, it’s called the lace locker.  Carol Stanley, the inventor of the shoe lace locker saw a need and created …

Featured image of KEEN Uneek product review

REVIEW – KEEN UNEEK – The most unique sandals you have ever seen

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Overview These shoes are definitely eye catchers.  Not since Crocks have so many questions been asked about sandals. GearChase is here to set the story straight with our review of the KEEN UNEEK sandal in an in depth review. We were sent a pair of the UNEEK sandals from KEEN footwear to write up an honest review of what we thought of the sandals. We were not paid or are we endorsing …

Riding on Street WeeHoo

WeeHoo IGO Turbo Bicycle Trailer Review

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Overview The WeeHoo IGO Turbo is a hybrid child carrier that attaches to a bike for kids that have outgrown or lost interest with the typical bike carrier and aren’t yet ready to take their own two wheeler or a sit-up tow behind bike on the trail. We were sent a WeeHoo IGO Turbo to test out with our 4 year old, and not to give anything away too early …