Fenix – New Trail Running Headlamp

Travis GneitingFirst Look, Lights

This is the Fenix HM62-T headlamp, designed to be a lightweight, magnesium headlamp for trail running, with a maximum output of 1,200 lumens, a maximum runtime of 280 hours, and a 3400 mAh battery. The headlamp is specifically designed for trail running. Inside the box, you get the headlamp itself, some instructions, a charging cable, and an extra o-ring. It features a single strap headband design, patterned to hold it in place. One unique piece on the back is a Boa-style ratcheting system that makes it easy to fine-tune the adjustment. When you first use the headlamp, you need to remove the insulated piece that protects the battery from discharging while it’s in transit.

The battery just slides in; with an o-ring to keep the headlamp waterproof. The headlamp is IP68 certified for waterproofing. To turn the light off and on, you have a button on the side; just hold that down for a half-second, and it will turn on. You can also use the same button to rotate the light. Once the light’s on, use the same button to cycle through the different outputs.

Buy from Fenix: https://alnk.to/7X495lc

You get four different outputs with the white light: 1,200 lumens on high, 400, 130, and 5 lumens. To switch between the white light and the red light, you just double-tap the button quickly while the light is turned off. There are two different output modes for the red light: flashing and solid.

To charge the headlamp, you actually have to remove the battery. There’s a USB Type-C connection on the battery to charge it back up. When done, you just drop it back in and screw the lid back on. For a trail running light with 1,200 lumens weighing in at 126 grams, it’s pretty good. You will feel a bit of the weight on the front of your head as you’re wearing it, but I think it’s worth it to have those extra lumens on those really dark nights.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight trail running light, definitely take a look at this one from Fenix. The simplicity of it, the ability to fine-tune the adjustment on the back, the ease of just rotating the light as you’re running, and switching through the different output modes with just one button make it an excellent choice for trail runners or even just around the campsite.

Buy from Fenix: https://alnk.to/clX5xXV