Evoc Half Tailgate Pad Review

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Evoc Half Duo Tailgate Pad Review
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The Evoc Half Tailgate pad is designed to hold 2 bikes on the tailgate of any truck. It retails for about $90. The tailgate pad from Evoc is highly rated on Amazon.com. It has a couple of straps that go around the tailgate to secure it to the vehicle. It also has two slots with velcro straps to secure the bikes to the pad itself.

It can be a snug fit to get two larger bikes onto the tailgate pad. As you can see in the photos I’m using it with a 2 gen Toyota Tacoma. The pad fits well and provides great protection to the bikes and truck.

One of the differences when using a 2 bike tailgate pad is that the bikes will be forced to be up next to each other. When using a full tailgate pad I rarely haul more than 2 or 3 bikes so there is always room for the bikes to resist contact. As you can see in the picture above the rubber from the tires rest against the stations of the fork on the other bike. This was a short commute, but for longer commutes, I’ll often throw a towel in between the bikes to prevent any damage.

There are some great features with the Evoc tailgate pad that I don’t see with other tailgate pads I’ve used. For example, the attachments points to both the inside and outside of the pad. These can be used to secure bikes, surfboards, or run a lock through the pad.

Having a 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma I have the narrow tailgate. This causes the pads from the rack to want to rest on the inside of the truck. On newer thicker tailgates these pads rest on top of the tailgate. They seem to work great on the inside or top. I almost feel like strapping the bikes down for short smooth roads is unnecessary. They seem to stay in place.

I also use a Raceface full-width tailgate pad it does not have metal hooks closures. The metal hooks make it difficult to thread the straps between the tailgate and the bed of the truck. Although they are more durable, I think I prefer just the nylon webbing for ease of installation.

This is a better shot of the internal straps that can be used to lock the tailgate pad up or use as additional tie-down points when securing other items.

Another downside to the Evoc tailgate pad, when compared to other tailgate pads, is that the straps fall off easily. I have to remember to secure the velcro after each use or they end up in the bed of my truck. I feel like it’s only a mater of time before the straps end up on the street somewhere never to be seen again.

The pad uses a higher quality material weatherproof material and Tarapaulin as well as foam padding that is precut. The pad is water-resistant and UV stable so you can keep it on your truck all year long. I have even left mine on and ran it through the car wash, although that’s likely not recommended.

In conclusion, the tailgate pad is perfect for hauling around a single bike. It’s a little tight for holding two bikes but still works great. I really love that it stores easily inside my truck under the seat. It also wouldn’t block a rearview camera if I had one on my old truck.