HYDRO FLASK Cooler, Carrier Sling, Coozies, and Colors

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Hydro Flask Soft Cooler Review

Hydro Flask has released new sizes in their soft coolers and new bottle colors just in time for spring.   

The new sized soft cooler back pack and tote in 15 L and 18 L respectfully are a more usable size down from the 22 L and 24 L sizes.  The soft sided coolers are meant to offer a days worth of cooling that is easily portable.  you choose if you plan to haul on your back, or as a tote.  

The Unbound Series (TM) soft coolers are easy to transport, light weight, comfortable and keep items cold for up to 48 hours depending on the outside temperature.  The Base of the cooler has added insulation for comfort and longer lasting cooling.  The top and side pockets use leakproof zippers to keep water in and out. All the internal seams are welded and waterproof. All of this is backed with a 5 Year Warranty.  

 The new tote and pack come a a wide variety of colors.  The new tote we tested starts at $224.95. These are very rugged 420D nylon that looks great and stands up to rough use against rocks, boats, and even kids. The additional pockets are very small and tight fitting.  They work to hold wallets and keys and that’s about it.

New Color Sling, Bottles, and Cup Coolers

A new line of colors for the popular cup coolers, bottles and sling just in time for spring.

The Cooler Cup has to be one of my new favorites. It works best with a 12 oz and the rubber top to hold the can secure. The rubber stabilizer can also be reversed to the bottom and the cooler used as a cup. I’ve also put a 16 oz. can in there with some additional work. It works well, not as good as a sealed Hydro Flask bottle but works surprisingly well.

If you have not tried a sling for your bottle they are a nice addition for hiking. There is a small pocket to stuff some cash or a car key. I’ve found myself using it a lot more than I though for short little hikes. It now comes in the new Maroon Brick color and a Blue Lagoon color.


The new sizes and colors from Hydro Flask are always exciting to see. If you have ever used a Hydro Flask bottle you know how well they work at keeping beverages hot or cold, if you have not, it’s time you try. We use them on a daily basis around the office and on adventure. In the winter hot chocolate and tea stay warm all day while we are skiing and snowboarding on the mountain. In the summer, they keep our water chilled while we are on the trails.

For larger excursions or more friends, the Unbound series of soft coolers make for a great portable cooler that is very comparable to the Yeti Hopper Backflip, Trooper LT or the Podster by Orca. The value, bulk and weight to cooling ratio make the Hydro Flask the perfect in between portable cooler.

You can see all the new colors in the Cooler, Bottles, and Cooler Cups in the link below: