Forefront 2 Mips® Aleck Crash Sensor Review

Travis GneitingBikes, e-bike

The extremely popular Smith Forefront 2 helmet can now be purchased with an Aleck Crash Sensor. The crash sensor is located in the adjustment knob of the back of the helmet. It is charged via a usb-c and connects to the Aleck app on your smart phone. It can notify selected contacts or “Heroes Nearby”, but more on the false sense of security later.

There are 4 models from Smith that offer the Aleck crash sensor built-in. I tested the Smith Forefront 2 helmet. The sensor adds a few grams of weight but is not noticeable. This does include the added hassle of remembering to charge the battery.

The helmet is almost indistinguishable from the non-crash sensor Forefront 2 helmet.

The Aleck App

The crash sensor pairs with the Aleck app via Bluetooth. You plug in the helmet and it initiates the pair mode.

App Issues

I had a few issues with the app that made paring difficult, the issue was reported to Aleck and it has been resolved. I was able to pair the helmet to the app after the upgrade.

After the upgrade, I began using the testing feature in the app where you can slap the helmet and see it trigger emergency notification. However, this led to another concern that I still don’t feel is resolved and gives a false sense of security that someone could be notified if there were an crash. The so called “Heros Nearby” always shows individuals near by that would be notified in the event of a crash. These individuals show up all the time, when I know there is no one nearby. I contacted Aleck again complaining about this false sense of security.

Aleck stated that this was a bug in the software and suggested reinstalling the app. I have done this however I am still seeing these accounts that I know are not nearby me.

To correctly use the app, you will need to have friends or family download the app to be notified of a crash. I wish this were similar to other crash sensors I have used in the past where it can send text messages to contacts without the emergency contact being required to download the app.

I also contacted Aleck regarding traveling with the helmet accidently triggering the sensor. Aleck indicated that the sensor should not be triggered when traveling. However, I’m still not sure this is the case.


The helmet looks great and comes with a nice topo color on the bottom. The fit and feel are unnoticeable compared to the original version. The only difference is a slight weight increase and the addition of the crash sensor in the adjustment knob in the back of the helmet. It requires charging the helmet sensor almost every time I use the helmet as I’ve found after a week or so the battery is dead in the sensor.

I would recommend it if you have friends that also have the sensor and the app. Don’t rely on other people with the app to be in the area and come to your rescue. Another option is having friends or family install the app on their phone to be notified. I anticipate non-biker not being excited to install an app on their phone just to track an crash.

If you have a significant other that is concerned and you possible ride alone often I think that is where this crash sensor offers the most benefit. For an additional $20 USD from the helmet without the crash sensor having the option of using it is worth the additional cost.