Pearl Izumi Expedition Pro Shoe Review

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I’ve been testing out a new pair of Favero Assioma MTB Pedals, I wanted a stiff high-performance shoe to put against the pedals. As far as performance, stiff, clipless shoes are concerned the Peral Izumi Expedition Pro is on paper as good as it gets. This is my experience with the shoes. If you are considering purchasing the shoes I hope this review helps.

My thoughts and opinion on the Pearl Izumi Expedition Pro Shoes

The Expedition Pro bike shoe is a very lightweight, stiff shoe that is designed for cross-country racing and gravel riding. It has the stiffness of a road bike shoes with almost no flex. The uppers are perforated for breathability with toe covering for added protection. The dual boa (With a new soft flex cord) is something I prefer over a single boa or boa/velcro design. It’s easy to adjust during a ride if you need to change the feel or fit of the shoe on the go.

The lugs on the bottom of the shoe are nicely sized and are large enough for some hiking a bike but don’t feel like they are in the way, or adding too much additional bulk or weight to the shoe. The shank of the shoe is carbon fiber for lightweight stiffness.

I found myself having to size down about a half size with these shoes to get a better fit. Additionally, I get a little heel lift in the back unless I really have the boa laces tightened down. I have a very flat foot and wondered if this had anything to do with the fit. You might want to take this into consideration when selecting a size.

Final thoughts about the Pearl Izumi Expedition Pro shoes

If you are looking for a super stiff, fast, shoe that delivers power directly to the pedal that can be used in cross country as well as gravel cycling these are a really good option to consider. I recommend trying them on if possible to get the sizing just right. They are offered in half sizes which helps to get the perfect fit and avoid any of the sizing issues I had.

Pearl Izumi does offer a Return and Exchange program you can find out more here:

There are several reviews online. I’ve spent time reviewing and gathering the most common pros and cons from the reviews below for your speed and convenience.

Pearl Izumi Expedition Pro Shoe Pros

  1. Top-tier Performance: Users, including those who have previously used renowned brands like Specialized, Sidi, Shimano, and Giro, express that the Pearl Izumi Expedition PRO competes favorably with high-end models like Shimano S-Phyres, providing exceptional performance.
  2. Comfortable Fit: Numerous reviews highlight the unprecedented comfort of these shoes straight out of the box. Riders emphasize the absence of a “break-in” period, praising the snug fit and the wider toe box, making them ideal for long rides.
  3. BOA Fit System: The innovative BOA Fit System with L6E Reel and dual BOA dials receives positive feedback for its ease of adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune the fit without struggling with stiff cables.
  4. Versatility: Suitable for various activities, such as gravel, cross-country, and cyclocross, indicating the shoe’s adaptability to diverse riding conditions.
  5. Stiff and Efficient Sole: The 1:1 EX PRO Carbon sole delivers impressive stiffness, ensuring a direct power transfer from the feet to the pedals. Users appreciate the efficiency for both mountain biking and gravel riding.
  6. Quality Construction: Riders praise the build quality, noting durability and a well-constructed design that competes with top-tier brands.
  7. Competitive Pricing: Compared to other high-end models, the Expedition PRO comes at a lower price, providing excellent value for the quality and features offered.
  8. User-Friendly BOA System: The use of a different material for the BOA system’s straps is highlighted, making it easier for users to loosen and tighten the shoes effortlessly.

Pearl Izumi Expidition Pro Shoe Cons

  1. BOA Dial Limitation: Some users express concerns about the BOA dials, noting that they only tighten and do not have a mechanism for loosening. This can be perceived as cumbersome for adjustments during the ride.
  2. Sizing Issues: A few reviewers mention sizing challenges, with some suggesting that the shoes run either large or small. The discrepancy in sizing experiences may pose challenges for potential buyers in finding the right fit.
  3. Tongue Hardness: One review points out an initial issue with a hard tongue, although it softened after a few rides. This highlights a potential comfort concern that may affect the user experience during the early stages of use.

Expedition PRO Review Overview

The Expedition PRO bike shoes boast a unique blend of features that make them a top choice for cyclists seeking a versatile and durable footwear option. Designed to seamlessly combine the lightweight and stiffness with the rugged durability of mountain bike footwear, these shoes cater to those participating in gravel events or cross-country races. The perforated synthetic leather upper, constructed with bonded technology, reduces bulk for a breathable, slipper-like fit. The BOA® Fit System with L6C dials allows riders independent adjustment of the mid and forefoot zones, while Soft TX lace guides ensure the elimination of pressure points across the foot’s top. The 1:1® EX PRO Carbon sole, featuring a scuff-resistant TPU layer on the toe and heel, not only delivers pedaling performance but also provides confidence in off-the-bike hike-ability. The dual-density footbed inside is ergonomically designed to offer optimal support, pedaling efficiency, and overall comfort. With additional features such as 2-bolt SPD cleat compatibility, a reinforced toe bumper, TPU lugs for off-bike confidence, and a fabric composition of rubber, plastic, carbon fiber, TPU, and steel, the Expedition PRO ensures riders can conquer big miles in comfort and style.

Pearl Izumi Expedition Pro Review Features

  1. The versatile mountain bike shoe, is designed for all-day comfort and high-performance riding.
  2. Crafted with a synthetic leather upper for a breathable and lightweight fit, it features a dual-density footbed ensuring optimal support, comfort, and efficiency.
  3. The BOA Fit System, L6E Reel, and forefoot strap work in tandem to keep the foot securely in place.
  4. Pressure and hotspots are effectively reduced with the inclusion of soft TX lace guides.
  5. This shoe is compatible for use with 2-bolt SPD cleats, offering seamless transitions between on and off-bike activities.
  6. The nylon composite sole, complemented by TPU lugs, instills confidence both on and off the bike.
  7. The 1:1® EX PRO Carbon sole sets itself apart by delivering uncompromising pedaling performance and confident off-the-bike hike-ability.
  8. Additionally, the reinforced toe bumper enhances durability and protection on challenging terrains.
  9. Upper Material: Crafted entirely from rubber and plastic, ensuring a durable and protective outer layer.
  10. Closure: Utilizes the BOA Fit System with an L6E Reel and a forefoot strap for a secure and customizable fit.
  11. Footbed: Features a dual-density construction, offering a comfortable and supportive foundation for extended wear.
  12. Midsole: Composed of a blend of materials, with 60% carbon fiber, 38% TPU, and 2% steel, providing a balance of strength and flexibility.
  13. Sole: Boasts the 1:1 Ex PRO carbon sole for exceptional pedaling performance, complemented by the 1:1 Next Step nylon composite sole for added versatility.
  14. Cleat Compatibility: Designed to accommodate 2-bolt cleats, ensuring compatibility with a variety of cycling systems.
  15. Claimed Weight: With a claimed weight of 11oz for a single shoe in size 44, these shoes offer a lightweight yet sturdy option for cyclists.
  16. Activity: Tailored for gravel, cross-country, and cyclocross activities, these shoes provide the performance and durability needed for diverse riding conditions.

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Pearl Izumi Expidition Pro Shoe Conclusion

These shoes are for someone looking for a fast, minimal, stiff shoe for gravel or cross country riding. They pair well with my power meter pedals and I feel a solid connection and transfer of power from foot to pedal.

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