Gore Wear FernFlowBibs and Shorts Review

Travis GneitingApparel, Cycling

These are the Gore Wear FernFlow mountain bike short liners they come in a short version or a big version they are extremely breathable and meant to be worn underneath mountain bike baggy shorts. they have quickly become some of my favorites because of their breathability, quality pad, and secure fit.

The FernFlow bib shorts have three pockets on the small of the back they’re mesh lined and designed in a way that they can hold a jacket rolled up easily as well as a key or gels on the side of the larger pocket. it’s extremely breathable almost like a mosquito net the seams are stitched which makes it more durable for mountain biking or gravel riding. the bib straps are low profile and very comfortable with a medium-rise in the front for accessibility and comfort.

The legs are made from a quick-drying material that is a fine mesh that’s breathable sustainable and comfortable there are also small grippers on the bottom with a wind stopper cup to prevent a cold breeze up the middle.

The pad is made for long-distance rides with a multi-layer open cell foam it’s floating interface reduces friction and provides more comfort all with a minimal 10.5 mm pad thickness. it tapers off toward the edges for a nice smooth transition and comfort. because of the low profile of these shorts, they fit well underneath mountain bike shorts.

Investing in a good bike liner for your mountain bike shorts can mean the difference between numbing Sensations and discomfort. in my opinion, it’s worth spending the extra money to get well-fitting high-quality bicycle liner short with a good pad and grippers that is also breathable. It is up to you to choose between bed shorts and regular shorts. I find benefits in both and wear both Road cycling and mountain biking. Bibs have the comfort of a smooth waist that doesn’t pinch. Shorts have the benefit of not having straps over your shoulders but do have a little more discomfort around the waist. Overall you can’t go wrong with either of these shorts Gore Wear has been making high-quality products for years and these are no exception with their new FernFlow liner shorts.