Osprey Seral 7 Pack Review

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The Bottom Line

Osprey Seral Pack

The Osprey Seral pack: a lightweight, versatile backpack designed for outdoor adventurers. With its ergonomic design and breathable back panel, it ensures comfort during long treks. Equipped with ample storage space and convenient features, it’s the perfect companion for your next expedition.

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Pros and Cons of the Osprey Seral 7 Pack

  • Masive Carrying Volume
  • Updated Hydration Pack
  • Compression straps
  • Can’t hold a water bottle
  • Hose magnet not strong enough
  • No easy external storage



This is the new version of the Osprey Seral 7 waist pack. The previous version was released in 2021, and updates have been made for 2023. Some of the updates include an easier-to-use hydration bladder. It has a stiff hard plastic handle that makes it easy to maneuver, insert, and remove from the bag it also has an updated bite valve for drinking.

The Seral comes in a 4-litter and 7-litter size. The 4-litter makes a great size for shorter rides where you are carrying less water, tools, or jackets. The 7-liter has plenty of room and a 1.5-liter bladder to keep you hydrated for hours on the trail. There’s room for a jacket, and tools, plus two side hip pockets for smaller items. I find that I can fit almost as much as I normally carry in a backpack in the large 7-liter pack. This pack is generally designed for mountain bike use but I also use it for hiking as well. Because of the four compression straps on the side you can really shrink it down and keep the weight close to your body making it an extremely versatile pack for short trips or longer rides.

Image of Osprey Seral 7 Pack
Photo Credit: Travis Gneiting

Is it Right for Me?

There are so many hip packs, fanny packs, lumbar packs, or whatever you want to call them on the market how do you choose between all of the major brands and offerings as well as the various sizes? For me, it comes down to a few different features and specs.

First, determine what the right size is for you. I like to generalize this into a large, medium, or small category. I think of small hip packs as something just big enough to hold a phone and maybe a water bottle. A medium pack would be something that could hold a water bottle phone and maybe a jacket. A large would be something that could hold enough for an all-day adventure including tubes, pumps, water, phones, etc. The Osprey Seral 7 falls into the large category.

Image of Osprey Seral 7 Pack
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Other Considerations

Second, determine if you need a hydration bladder. Some people prefer carrying a bottle, but the nice thing about a hydration bladder is it can be compressed as you drink the water from it keeping it more secure against your body and not bouncing around as much. That is why I prefer a hydration bladder over a water bottle on my pack or bike. The Seral 7 has a 1.5-liter bladder which is plenty of water for a multi-hour ride.

Third, decide on the features that are important to you this could include hip pockets, compression straps, internal organization, buckles, and zippers. Each brand offers slightly different features and organization inside. Another determination is making sure your phone will fit and is protected in your pack some packs only offer small pockets that won’t fit a phone or force you to use it on the outside where it’s dangerously exposed. The Osprey Seral 7 has many pockets large enough to hold a phone and keep it well protected. I like to keep it in the outer pocket and usually have a spare tube in there pressed up against it to hold it in place then using the compression straps I tighten everything down so it feels secure against my back.

Image of Osprey Seral 7 Pack
Photo: Travis Gneiting


Some of the other nice features of the Osprey Seral 7 is the Airscape back panel which provides elevation off your back with mesh airflow and foam to keep it dry as well as mesh panels under the pockets to keep them dry as well. This is something unique to Osprey hip packs that make them some of my favorites. I also like the flat lock belt buckle it seems to pinch less than other buckles that are larger.

The four compression straps on the pack make it the ultimate flexible hip pack. Because the pack is so large and can be expanded or shrunk down to a small size with the compression straps to make it more usable. I’m surprised how much I can fit in there when going on long night rides I often have a light two pairs of sunglasses one clear for night riding a jacket for when it gets cold and extra tube water in the bladder and once it’s all snug down it’s still manageable and way more comfortable than a backpack to ride with.

Image of Osprey Seral 7 Pack
Photo: Travis Gneiting


  • 427 Cubic Inch / 7 Liter
  • 8.5H X 12.5W X 6D IN
  • 1.2 lbs
  • 600D PET Pack Cloth DWR Treatment Top
  • 400D high-tenacity nylon DWR Treatment Bottom
Image of Osprey Seral 7 Pack
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Osprey FAQ

Is the Osprey Pack Waterproof?

The Seral is DWR coated, this makes it water resistant. It’s not waterproof, but items inside should remain relativly dry in a rain storm. Zippers are not water tight and will allow water to enter.

Are Osprey waist packs good for hiking?

Yes Osprey waist packs and hydrations packs are great for hiking, biking, and traveling. They offer plenty of storage and on the go water from the hydration bladder.

Are Osprey Packs Worth It?

Yes Osprey packs are some of the best well-designed well thought through packs available on the market they are definitely worth the cost if you can afford one.

What is better Osprey or Camelbak?

When choosing between an osprey and Camelback pack for biking look at the features of the pack the size, water reservoir, to determine what one is right for you. both of these companies make great high quality hydration packs you can’t go wrong with either one the main deciding factor is the features.

Final Thoughts

The Osprey Seral 7 Is slightly more expensive than some of the other hip packs available. the amount of research and design and development that has gone into these packs is obvious when using one. I’m not the only one that Raves about the Osprey get packs, many people on the internet, in person, use and talk about these packs all the time because they are some of the best available out there.