LUNO – Recycled Air Mattresses

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Luno makes a wide variety of comfortable mattresses, camping and van life accessories. If you haven’t seen our videos on their extremely soft and comfortable camp pillow, you can check it out here. Also, a unique and creative approach to hauling gear without all the sand and smell check out the video we did on their mesh duffle bag here.

LUNO upcycle gear takes their air mattress durability and reuses them to make other useful products instead of filling garbage cans with waste. We tried out 3 of their products on a recent camping trip to Colorado. First the Gear Tote, the Large Outdoor Ground Mat, and the Firewood Carrier Utility Mat.

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LUNO Gear Tote

If you have never used a gear tote before you are in for a treat. They make hauling gear and groceries a breeze. Having an open top makes loading and unloading much easier than using a traditional duffle bag. This is great when you have multiple loads you need to haul around, in and out of the house. The Gear Tote from LUNO is great with 2 durable handles on each size and the super strong recycled mattress on all 5 sides. This is one of my favorite bags for skiing and camping.

LUNO Firewood Carrier Utility Mat

The LUNO firewood carrier is a nice durable carrier for firewood. I found it more helpful around the home, or when carrying a large bundle of twigs to wrap them up in the firewood carrier than hauling a few logs around.

The firewood carrier is constructed with the same heavy-duty recycled mattress material and nylon handles. If you find yourself gathering firewood on camping trips or just need an easier way to transport 5 or 6 pieces of firewood at a time, check out the LUNO firewood carrier. It can also be used as a utility mat.

LUNO Ground Mat

If you don’t want your firewood carrier to double as a utility mat, check out the large or medium ground mat. They are great for changing outdoors and keeping your gear off the dirt. They also make a great mat for your dog to relax. They are extremely durable offer a clean place outside a truck or tent and can be hosed off when you return home.

The ground mats are constructed using the recycled old mattress offered by Luno. They are stitched around the outer edge making them extremely durable. You’ll find a lot of uses for this ground mat once you have it with you.

LUNO makes great inflatable sleep systems. They also make some great recycled products from end-of-life mattresses. If you would like to learn more about their products you can check them out here.

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