Onewind Hammock Review

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Onewind Hammock Review
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Onewind Hammocks

Onewind offers a variety of hammock camping products. Hammocks, Underquilts, Tarps, and rainflys. The products are well made and have excellent reviews on We tested ours over the last few months camping and backpacking. They offer everything needed to get started hammock camping. Check them out.

We have been testing the Onewind 11’ Double camping hammock with a bug net and under quilt over the past couple of months.

Onewind Hammock Review

The 11-foot double hammock with mosquito and hammock straps is a great value from Onewind. For around $65 you get a hammock, ridge cord, hammock straps, storage bag, and bug net.

The hammock is made of durable hexagon ripstop nylon.  It’s 70d soft and strong. The storage bag is designed to be slid from one side to the other by just sliding the hammock into the stuff sack.  This is unlike other hammock stuff sacks like the ENO where the stuff sack is attached to the side of the hammock.

The suspension straps are a little unique when compared to most daisy chain-style straps. The 2 adjust buckle allows for infinite adjustments and is lighter weight than the daisy chain style with many loops for attaching a carabiner.

With the adjustable ridgeline and gear loft, hammock, straps, and the easy-to-set up bottom entry bug net the Onewind hammock is a great value and even better gift.

Onewind Under Quilt Review

The Onewind under quilt is a lightweight under hammock insulation.  It is attached with cords to the hammock poles and can be adjusted close to the hanging hammock for maximum warmth, or loose to allow more airflow.  The under quilt is made out of 20 denier nylon Taffeta fabric and weighs just 1.12 oz.  The filing is a synthetic Bio-based fiber made with DuPont Sorona.

The Underquilt is easy to use, it is attached at both ends of the hammock with a carabiner. The elastic drawcord can be tightened or loosened to adjust the temperature.  The under quilt can also be used flat as an over the quilt.  There are buttons on both sides to attach the under quilt.

We recently reviewed some of the nicest and most expensive under quilts from Hammock Gear that cost well over $100.  The Onewind synthetic under quilt is just $70 and a great alternative to a down under quilt for someone getting into hammocking or hammock camping.

Onewind Bugnet Review

The bottom entry bug net is easy to use. Simply thread the hammock through the bug net from one end, or stuff the hammock and under quilt in from the bottom and pull the attachment points out the holes on each end. There are drawstrings on both sides. The ridgeline keeps the bugnet from drooping over you when laying in the hammock so make sure it is tight.


The Onewind is a super value at well under the competition. The hammocks offer everything needed in a durable and functional product to get yourself started in a lightweight hammock camping kit that packs down smaller than a tent and sleeping bag. Below is an affiliate link to Amazon to see all Onewind hammock products. We do receive a small commission if you purchase something after clicking the link that helps us maintain the website.