Ride Snowboard Boots

Are Ride Snowboards Boots any Good?

Travis GneitingFeature

Ride has been a big hitter in the snowboard industry for years. They have been making snowboards for years, but you may wonder how good are ride snowboard boots?

Ride snowboards has been making snowboard products since 1992. Soon there after they started making technical outerwear, clothing, boots and bindings.

Ride has since won awards for their snowboard boot. Some of their award winning construction such as the In2grated and Body Active Intuition Liners make Ride boots some of the most comfortable and lightest weight boots on the market. Ride has set out to not be the biggest snowboard company, only the best. So do they make decent boots?

Ride Snowboard currently offers about 20 different models.

  • Trident
  • Insano Focus Boa
  • RFL
  • Hi-Phy
  • Lasso
  • FUL
  • Jackson Boa Coiler
  • Triad
  • Anthem Boa Coiler
  • Rook Boa
  • Orion
  • Bigfoot
  • Cadence Focus Boa
  • Sash Boa Coiler
  • Sage Boa Coiler
  • Harper Boa
  • Donna
  • Spark Boa
  • Norris Boa

The fact that Ride snowboards has created so many different styles and models is testament that they have a great following and believe in their product enough to produce a wide variety and lacing systems.

So just how well do Ride Boots stack up?  Ride snowboard boots are bombproof, they use top materials and the latest technology for lacing systems  like Boa.  Ride boots offer a wide variety of features and tech.  You can expect to pay from $400 to $99 for a pair of ride snowboards boots.

In their top of the line boots, they offer some of the slimest profile and lighest weight boots.  With multi zone lacing and dreamy boot liners that last for days.

Ride snowboards boots seem to center more around the Boa lacing system than traditional laces or quick laces like on Burton boots.  Boa lacing systems have been known to create pressure points more than other lacing systems, so this is something to watch out for when trying on boots.  Give them a good crank down and walk around in them for a while.

The bottom line

If you have the money to spend on Ride snowboards boots seek out a boot with some of the advanced features, they are usually worth the extra cost of the boot.  Determine the flex you like and go for it, there is nothing worse that buying a boot only to find out you can’t stand riding it.  Ride makes quality boots, if you are looking for a boot that will last you seasons, and be full of technical features look no further.

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