Are Ride Snowboards any Good?

Are Ride Snowboards any Good?

Travis GneitingReviews

We often gear friends asking if Ride Snowboards are even any good? Or, should they just go with a board from Burton because they new the name or brand.  We are here to answer the question Are Ride Snowboards any good?

Ride has been making snowboards since 1992, starting out with just 4 snowboards.  They bootstrapped off the skateboard scene into the snowboard market and launched their Cappel outerwear. It was a high end edgy outerwear that had sexy models dressed up on snowboard clothing.  As of 2014-2015 it looks like they haven’t updated the Ride snowboard Cappel website. This helps us to know Are Ride Snowboards any good.

Ride started making Preston snowboard bindings with their snowboards in 1995. The Preston snowboards bindings had a huge share in the snowboard industry.  From it cam many innovations, and some flops too.

Along with Ride snowboards, Ride outerwear, Ride Snowboard Bindings, they also made Ride Snowboard boots.

So what is the quality of Ride Snowboards?

In 1995 Ride acquired one of the highest tech snowboard manufactures called Thermal Snowboards Inc.  It had state of the art technology for producing laser precision boards, and top notch quality, and led the industry in edge techniques and construction.  Some snowboads are now manufactured in Aisa but they still have some coveted and patented technology that is used in their boards.  Cleave Edge, Slimewalls, Carboon Array power distribution, Membrain topsheets, Pop Rods, and Pop Stixs are just a few.

Ride Snowboards have stood the test of time, they have ridden through the ups and downs of the snowboard industry.  It’s hard to do this if you are not producing quality products year over year.  And pushing the industry with new shapes, technology, team members and quality snowboards. Did an interview with one of the old brand managers of Ride Snowboards. They talk about the old Preston Bindings, Baseless bindings and some of the great old products from Ride Snowboard.

We have ridden many Ride snowboards over the years, and can confirm they are some of the highest quality snowboards on the market.  They are always innovating an looking for new ways to put more fun into snowboards.

If you have any worry about the quality or how good Ride snowboards are, you can look at their Warranty page.  If anything happens to your board that you bought from a dealer, it’s coverd with a 1 year warranty, so keep your proof of purchase.  Also, most of their Bindings, Boots, Outerware is also covered by a year warranty.

We would happily recommend a Ride Snowboads to anyone looking to pay for a good quality board that meets their riding style knowing that Ride Snowboards are great quality and value for the money.

Now that you know if Ride snowboards any good and you are looking for a good deal on a New Ride snowboard, you can check our Ride Snowboards page on for the best deals we can find on Ride Snowboards.