Silca Chisela Wahoo, Garmin, GoPro Titanium Bicycle Bar Mount Review

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If you use a computer on your bike like a Garmin or Wahoo, you usually get one plastic mount to attach the computer to your bike. They aren’t the most eye-pleasing, and what if you have multiple bikes? One option is to purchase a separate computer mount that looks different and offers more functionality, and better computer placement on the bike. A good option for this is the Chisela Computer Mount from Silca. The Titanium isn’t cheap at $125, whereas you can purchase other cheap mounts for around $20.

The Chisela Garmin/Wahoo mount is 3D printed with Titanium. It works with most Wahoo and Garmin computers except for version 1 of the Wahoo Bolt. There is also a GoPro-style mount on the bottom of the mount that can be used to attach a GoPro or light with a GoPro mount. The GoPro mount is removable if not needed.

The 3D Printed Titanium has a rugged rough finish to it. This may be undesirable by some, but offers a “tough” look and feel to the computer mount.

The mount is available in 7 different options to fit a variety of bar and stem mounts:

  • Standard (9-30mm)
  • Wide (23-40mm)
  • Black Inc
  • S-Works/Fizik Face Mount
  • Madone Aero
  • Integrated Two Bolt/Blendr
  • Vision Metron 5D/6D


  • Weight: 27-32g
  • 3-6w Aero savings
  • Removable light mount included
  • Black Cerakote Finish
  • Garmin and Wahoo (new models only) pucks included
  • 150g compatible for cpu, 250g for accessory
  • 6 – 12x stronger than aluminum
  • Includes 2 6Al/4V Ti M5 bolts (2g ea.)
  • Made in USA

The standard and wide mount attach through the front stem bolts. Extended bolts and hardware are included and attached with no issues for me. I found the angle and distance from the stem worked well for me. It’s worth noting other than a slight side-to-side adjustment there are no angle or front/back adjustments.


Silca offers a 25-year hard parts guarantee for any failure from the part for that timeframe. Also, there is a 1-year no-fault coverage with no questions asked. If you break it, regardless of the reason Silca will replace it.


Overall, I prefer the mount over the out of the box mount that was included with my Wahoo Element. I like the symmetrical look the mount offers. The mount feels very secure both on the bike and the computer attachment. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to check the current price, and support our website click the Shop Silca link below.