Bob and Brad Massage Gun Review

Bob and Brad Massage Gun Review

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Bob And Brad Massage Gun Review
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Bob and Brad are the two most famous physical therapists on the internet. the two most famous physical therapists on the internet now have a line of massage guns and fitness equipment being sold on

The Bob and Brad massage gun lineup consists of four different massage guns the Q2 being the smallest, the C2, T2, and the largest X6. The main difference between these massage guns is their cost, battery, size, and stall force. They all come with 5 or 6  tips and cost anywhere from $70 to $150. They also have a professional version of a  massage gun called The D6 with 16 mm of amplitude for deep tissue stimulation as well as 85 lb of stall Force. This cost $250.

Before you purchase any of these massage guns from be sure to check for coupon check boxes they always seem to be offering $10 to $50 off coupons.


With literally hundreds of different massage guns available to purchase on why would you choose Bob and Brad massage guns over any of the others. The first reason would be that you enjoy watching their YouTube channel and learning from their expert knowledge about physical therapy. I have watched their videos for years and found them very helpful for different issues and to gain a better understanding of the pains I might be experiencing.  over the years. This is a great way to support them and their channel, it also supports the free content they’ve been delivering for years.

The massage guns look very similar to many others on the market they’re all made in China and have similar stall force, battery life, and amplitude as many of the other similarly priced percussion massagers.

Check out our massage gun review on the Ekrin massage gun and TimTam. I’ve also been using the Hypervolt for the last year. I feel like the quality build and use of the Bob and Brad massage gun is equal to or better then these other massage guns available.


I have been testing the Bob and Brad massage gun It has five different speeds in five different heads and is listed for $100, with a current $20 off coupon bringing the price to $80. It comes with a nice carrying case and is about 8 1/2 in tall by 7 1/2 in wide making it convenient to travel with it’s fairly quiet compared to some of the other brands I’ve used it uses a brushless motor they’re more durable and quieter as well as more energy efficient. it comes with a 2500 milliamp-hour battery that is charged via USB C.  the handle is an oval pill shape which I prefer to the round handles. The on-off button is placed on the back of the motor. 

The overall quality is on par with the nicer massage guns I have used it feels like it was the quality built-in hand with heavyweight material oh, not the cheap plastic he filled with some of the other cheap massage guns. 


The 2500 milliamp-hour battery last for an incredible amount of time. some of the first massage guns that I owned would only last about 20 minutes before the battery was dead. It seemed like I was recharging them all the time. With my testing, the see 2 battery has lasted almost 2 hours of continuous run time. 

The battery also charges quickly I’ma hit uses fast charging and can Be almost completely charged in under an hour.  it typically takes about 3 hours from completely dead to 100% charge. there is a light on a massage gun that indicates it is being charged 

The battery display on the back of the massage gun has LEDs indicating 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. Once the last LED is flashing there is less than 10% left end time to recharge.


Call Bob and Brad products have a one-year warranty left by a customer service team 

I won’t cover the benefits of using a massage here but once you use it, but you can tell that it relieves stress and sore tight muscles. percussion massagers as long as the amplitude is sufficient have a good battery and our quality build should meet the needs of the majority of users. The Bob and Brad massage gun definitely meets these needs as I’ve been using it over the past few months. I can recommend it as a good value based on the price and quality. in addition to it being a good product, you can also support their physical therapy YouTube channel.