Ultimate Guide to Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant: Review and Comparison

Travis GneitingBikes


Hey there, fellow mountain biker! Get ready for an in-depth review of Orange Seal tire sealant that’s tailored just for you. We all know how crucial it is to have a dependable tubeless tire sealant for a ride that’s smooth and worry-free, no matter the terrain. Orange Seal has got you covered with a range of sealants designed to meet your specific needs. In this review, we’ll dive into the Regular, Endurance, and Subzero tire sealants from Orange Seal, examining their performance and guiding you toward the perfect match for your bike. Let’s jump right in!

Orange Seal

A Reliable Choice for Tubeless Tire Sealants Orange Seal has earned its reputation as a go-to brand among mountain bikers, loved for its top-notch tire sealants that never disappoint. No matter where you ride or what kind of trails you conquer, Orange Seal has got you covered with their three unique formulas. In this review, we’ll uncover all the amazing features and advantages of each Orange Seal tire sealant, empowering you to make a well-informed choice.

Orange Seal Regular: Rapid Sealing for Demanding Trails

  • Seals puncture up to 1/4-inch and slices up to 3/4-inch
  • Average sealant life of 30-45 days
  • Ideal for riders who prioritize fast and effective sealing

Orange Seal’s Regular tire sealant is a top pick for riders who face challenging trails with sharp obstacles. It boasts rapid sealing capabilities, effectively handling punctures and slices. Keep in mind that its sealant life is shorter than its counterparts, so topping off your tire more frequently may be necessary.

Orange Seal Endurance: Extended Protection for Long Rides

  • Seals 1/8-inch punctures and 1/2-inch slices
  • Claimed sealant life of 60-120 days
  • Perfect for riders seeking extended fluid service intervals

For riders who prefer long rides without frequent maintenance, Orange Seal’s Endurance sealant is a great choice. Formulated for extended protection, it maintains its liquid form for longer periods. While its sealing ability is slightly lower than the Regular sealant, it offers the advantage of reduced maintenance.

Orange Seal Subzero: Cold-Weather Resilience

  • Seals puncture up to 1/8 inch and slices up to 1/4 inch
  • The longest claimed life of 60-180 days
  • Designed for riders braving frigid climates

For cold-weather adventurers, Orange Seal’s Subzero sealant is a reliable ally. Specially formulated to withstand freezing temperatures, it offers the longest sealant life of the three. While its sealing capability is lower, it’s a dependable choice for winter riding.

Hands-On Testing

I have used a number of different tire sealants with mountain bikes and road bikes. I have been able to compare them over the years and to be honest they all worked well. when deciding what tire sealant to select looking at the features and details of the riding conditions, maintenance of the tire sealant, volume used, and cost can all be contributors to making the best decision. I have been using the endurance orange sealant for about 6 months now and have not had any seepage out of the sidewalls of the tire I also have not had any blowouts or flats assuming it’s ceiling any small punctures I have got. I would recommend it especially the endurance because of the long-lasting value I have found using Orange sealant.

Other Orange Seal Accessories

We also got a chance to test out the 48mm Versavalve from Orange Seal in our Specialized Levo eBike Mountain bike we set up tubeless. Orange sealant also offers Versa valves valve for tubeless tire setup included are two stems,  a cone and a rectangular grommet for preventing this stem from spinning four valve cores a valve removal core tool as well as different color locks. these valve cores feel very high quality just like a lot of the other name brands the valve cores seem very standard. the valve core removal tool is also standard plastic that works well if you’re picking up tire sealant might as well grab a set of these for the cost they are hard to beat for what you get.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’ve been really happy using orange seals Tire sealant. the value and options in different sealants that perform better over long periods of time and in different temperatures make it a more flexible option for different styles of bike riders. I have found after opening up tires to look at the sealant after months it last about as long as other Tire sealants in the industry should be topped off every few months depending on how much you ride the temperatures you ride in and conditions.  I’m sure it’s not recommended but I have even mixed these Tire sealants with other Tire sealants just because I was too lazy to pour out another brand I haven’t had any issues doing this so if you run out in one tire and want to try something new don’t hesitate trying orange seal in a current Tire or on a new set of tires.