Wuben C3 vs. L50 EDC Flashlight

Travis GneitingLights

Wuben makes some high-quality small portable flashlights but there are a lot of options. Here we take a look two popular flashlights, the C3 and the L50. If you just want to know what is the best flashlight offered by Wuben go with the C3. You can buy it from the affiliate link below. If you are interested in the finite details continue reading below.

These two flashlights are incredible putting out $1,200 lumens they’re great for camping Mountaineering cycling Tactical and self-defense with their included clip makes it easy to store them and a great everyday carry flashlight there are six different modes for the flashlight and eco which is a very dim light that is nice for reading in pitch dark low medium and high settings as well as a strobe light and SOS flashing. 

The flashlights have a whopping 143 hour run time using them on eco and low modes. they also charge within a few hours and have a red and green LED light to indicate the charge.

One thing I really appreciate about these flashlights is that they are ip68 dustproof and waterproof rated. I use my flashlights a lot around water and in the snow and haven’t had any issues with them.


There are only a few slight differences between the C3 flashlight and the L50. The C3 flashlight is about an inch shorter than the L50. It makes it more convenient to carry.

The C3 also uses USBC to charge the flashlight. The L50 uses USB Micro to charge the flashlight. The L50 is also slightly heavier because of it’s overall size difference.


  • Same size battery
  • Same light functions and output
  • Very similar diameter


It’s hard to beat the value of these Compact Carry flashlights for the light output, battery length, convenient size and charging, as well as them being dust and waterproof all at the cost equivalent to a nice dinner it’s hard to beat. It might be worth picking up a couple of these for gifts or in your car and in the house.