Velo New Road Bike Seat – Angel Revo

Travis GneitingBikes, First Look

Velo one of the world’s largest bike seat manufacturers just released a new Nitrogen Infused saddle. Why does this matter? It is twofold. Nitrogen infusion into foam offers better comfort and performance and second is a better manufacturing process than other foam production methods.

I have been riding the Velo Angel TT as my main road bike saddle for the last few years. These photos show a comparison between the two saddles as some users may be interested to see the difference between the new Velo Revo and the Velo Angel as they are very similar in shape and design aside from the nitrogen infusion foam.

The Revo is slightly longer, and slightly wider. Only having a couple of rides on the Revo, it feels a bit more supple than the Angel, but this could be to the infused foam or the fact that the Angel has about 1000 miles on it.

Angel Revo Saddle – Velo’s first saddle to use the new Velo AtmosFoam. New model.

Length x Width: 248 x 148mm

Weight: 280g +/- 3g

Features: Y-cutout, eco-friendly nitrogen-injected foam (versus chemical additives used in the foaming process), the saddle cover is recyclable due to the knit fibers used (versus synthetic), and a non-petroleum-based plastic shell.

I’m looking forward to putting more miles on this saddle to see the durability of the nitro-infused foam as well as the ink to see how it holds up in the weather. Take a look at the new saddle on Velo’s website.