Cotopaxi Allpa 60 Litter Gear Hauler Tote Review

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Allpa 60L Gear Hauler Tote Review
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This is the perfect tote for grocery shopping and gear hauling. It will store flat so you can keep it under your car seat.

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If you do any type of outdoor sports with your kids you know how much gear you have to haul. I have been using laundry baskets and duffle bags for years to carry gear to and from soccer fields, ski resorts, trailheads, Etc. Cotopaxi has created the perfect bag for hauling this gear around that’s stronger them a laundry basket and more convenient than a duffel bag. duffel bags are difficult with zippers digging through them in the back of a  car.  the Cotopaxi gear hauler tote has an open top with supporting straps to keep it upright and make it easy to dig for gear in the tote.

The Allpa 60 is big enough to hold an entire ski outfit including helmet boots gloves pants coat goggles. It makes it easy to sift through gear in the back seat of a car. There are additional organization pockets on the inside of the bag and a small zipper pocket on the outside of the bag for organization. there are two super strong handles on the outside of the bag and two smaller handles on the inside giving many carrying options.


The Cotopaxi tote can hold 60 liters of gear it measures 20 in long by 14 in wide and 14 in tall and weighs about 2 lb. It’s constructed of super durable TPU-coated 1000d polyester. it uses 840d ballistic nylon as the paneling. the bottom line is this back could hold a lot of weight. 

The tote bag comes in six different color options.

The Cotopaxi Allpa 60L is manufactured in the Philippines. 

The Bottom Line

This is the bag I have been waiting for I don’t like using zipper duffle bags when I just need to get items from the car to the house are from the house to the car. I find myself using it as a reusable grocery bag and leaving it in my car all the time. The bag is semi-structured it stands on its own and makes it easy to fill and unload. because of the durable material, the bad can be set in the dirt on snow and I don’t need to worry about it. The only downside to this bag might be the price. it retails for $100. However, Cotopaxi offers quick and easy returns a lifetime warranty and repairs, and the option to trade in for gift cards as well as free shipping and exchanges. The only change I would suggest would ask for is that the bag was offered in a few more sizes.