Are Rome Snowboards any Good?

Travis GneitingSnowboard

Rome snowboards are a very reputable snowboarding company that has been manufacturing high-end snowboards for almost two decades now. Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate) are known as some of the best boards on the market in terms of technology, snowboard shapes, and innovation. Anyone looking to buys a new or uses Rome snowboard can be assured they are buying one of the best brands of snowboard on the market.

When riding on a Rome snowboard you can feel the quality under your feet of the binding. It’s not just a cheap rental board you may have started out on. The flex of the board is maintained through the board and follows the board profile flex it was designed for. A Rome snowboard with rocker and/or camber will be just that. The edges are strong and durable and comparable to many other top snowboards on the market.

Some of the tech that Rome snowboards use is the “Hotrods” in their new boards. They are carbon or bamboo rods that are inserted into the board from tip to tail. The hotrods improve how snappy or playful the board is on the snow. These configurations are layed out in the board to improve the overall characteristics of the snowboard, and something Rome has mastered.

The edges of Rome snowboards are designed in different patterns for either directional or twin cut. These different profiles improve handling in variable terrain and initiate smooth turns and are more forgiving when catching an edge.

The base of Rome snowboards are made of many different materials and offer many boards with the industry leading sinterspeed base. It holds wax has a high molecular content and is the fastest base they offer. However, even at the low end of Rome snowboard base is the impact base that is durable, easily repaired and still accepts wax very well.

Snowboards are build up in many layers one of them being fiberglass. Rome snowboards use both Biax and Triax fiberglass as most standards snowboards manufactures do in the snowboard industry.

To lessen the impact under feet, little shock absorbing impact plates are woven into the fiberglass.

In 2021 Rome introduced the Double kick nose/tail for a more floaty feel in powder and pressy feel in the park.

If you are new to snowboarding and trying to decide if a Rome snowboard is a good purchase, when comparing with other popular snowboard brands like Burton, Ride or Gnu, you are definitely looking at one of the top brands to pick from. Their snowboards range from about $650 down to $350. They have some really great boards and shapes, check out the Service dog and Stale Fish for some really great powder boards, or the Pardy Mod for a great playful board on the snow. They currently have about 20 boards in their lineup and every size you could think of.

Rome SDS was started by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz who both worked at Burton Snowboards previously. The company was founded on the princaples of creating the best quality boards in 2001. The focus was placed on snowboarders and snowboarding, period.

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