New Smith Method Helmet Review

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Everyone should wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. Smith, a giant in the industry of ski and snowboard helmets and goggles has just released the new Method Helmet. The helmet is well priced with all the technology for safety on the mountain.

The new Smith Method replaces their older model the Maze. It was one of their most popular models but had become outdated with all the new updates to helmets. The Method has now replaced the Maze as the choice for a lot of professional ski and snowboarders because of it’s simple sleek design and look.

The method has MIPS that help protect your head by directing the force away from your helmet using a unique floating shell inside of the helmet. the helmet also has Koroyd which is a honeycomb-style crumple system that is used in the majority of Smith Bike and snow helmets.

In the picture below I am comparing the Method with MIPS on the left, and the helmet without MIPS on the right. they are visually identical from the outside.

Taking a look at the inside of the helmet you can see the mips plastic shell as well as the Koroyd honeycomb or straw-looking pattern in addition you have a lightweight soft pad around the crown and rear of the helmet that can easily be removed and washed. Over the ears is additional padding with a soft ear cover that runs around the back of the helmet as well. the ear holes are perforated with a zipper connecting the two ears for running headphones or audio equipment inside of the helmet

The Smith Method is available in over 7 colors and designs patterns with sizing form S to XL. I have owned many Smith helmets both for ski/snowboarding and mountain biking. Their sizing continues to stay the same. I have always liked a little extra room in my helmets and opt for a size XL. U stick with a size Large for mountain biking.

The helmet is very comfortable to wear. the oversized ear pads are comfortable and warm. I like that they are easily removed as well. The helmet is also nice and warm. the fewer vents help to keep the heat in.


Zonal Koroyde Coverage

Koroyd® is included in various locations in the helmet for the best ventilation and impact protection as well as lightweight.

AirEvac System

The Method helmet has less vents that other helmets for a sleek stylist 


MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a technology used in helmets to enhance head protection, especially against angled or rotational impacts. It works by adding a slip plane between the helmet’s outer shell and inner foam liner. This slip plane allows the helmet to rotate slightly upon impact, reducing the rotational forces transferred to the head and potentially preventing brain injuries. MIPS complements the standard helmet design, which is primarily focused on linear impacts, making helmets safer in real-world situations where impacts can happen at different angles.


The price of this Smith helmet is very attractive and almost half the cost of some other ski and snowboard helmets depending on the safety and features. It’s comfortable and pairs nearly perfect with Smith goggles. I would definatly recomment this helmet to friends and family. I would also recommend getting a pair of Smith goggle to go with them for the perfit fit.

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