Brush Hero Review – Water Powered Bike and Wheel Cleaner

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Brush Hero Review
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The Brush Hero is a great addition and gift for road and mountain bikers, motorcycles, cars and trucks. It cleans better than any brush out there, period.

From first site of the Brush Hero, I knew I had to do a review on it. As a avid biker and car washer, it looked really promising to cut down on the time I was spending detailing bikes and cars.

Brush Hero Review

If you are new to the Brush Hero, it’s a magic wand that attaches to the end of a garden hose. The water pressure drives some internal gears and makes the Brush spin. The brush tips are replaceable, and come in a variety of stiffness. There is a trigger lever that controlled the amount of water and direction the brush spins. It’s pretty simple, and can be disassembled pretty easy, except for the gear box. There are also some accessories to extend the functionality of the Brush, like soap reservoir and extender. But the basics get you the majority of the benefit.

First impression

When you first attach the brush to the hose and turn it on it sounds like grinding plastic, and you’ll think it’s rotating too slowly. The sound is normal, and the rotational speed is accurate. When I started scrubbing the bike I liked how much water was being used to displace the dirt and grime. I also liked how the brush head was a good size for getting into 90% of the areas on my Pivot Firebird. The bike has a lot of linkage, so it’s nice to be able to get in there and let the spinning brush do the work.

Brush Hero Review

With the Hero Brush, I found myself spending longer washing my bikes. But this was because I was really detailing them, instead of just removing the bulk of mud or dirt that I might have been doing before. I started paying attention to each bearing in the linkage, and really cleaning out every inset.

I liked how simple the concept was, and really how well it cleaned. Sure I could have used one of my many other brushes, but the Hero Brush replaced a lot of them.

Months of use

After months of use, still no issues with the Hero Brush. I am more impressed with the tourqe of the Brush. It hasn’t ever given up on me, and just keeps spinning. I find myself using it for more and more applications around the house than just bikes and car wheels.

The brush head has gotten pretty dirty, and it’s probably time for a replacement. Once grease get on the bristles, it’s hard to get off, so careful cleaning your chains with it.  Below is a video review I did.

Final thoughts

For the price, it really can’t be beat. It cleans much better that standard car or bike washing brushes. It gets into hard to reach places with ease, like bike hubs and complex linkages. It does a great job on cleaning car and truck wheels. However, in very small details, it still had a problem removing the grime. It’s a little slower to clean a bike or car, but it does a lot better job than a manual brush.

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