C2 Tight Extreme Cold Review

C2 Extreme Cycling Tight Review

Travis GneitingReviews

We here at GearChase.com are avid cyclist. When asked if we would like to try out the C2 Extreme Tights we jumped at the chance. C2 is a Boston based company that produces 100% USA manufactured products. Currently, our go to cold weather tights are a pair of Pearl Izumi thermal cycling tights, so you will hear our comparison to these throughout our review of the C2 Extreme tights.

C2 Tight Extreme Cold Review

Main Features:

  • Abrasion-resistant fleece
  • Polartec Power Stretch(R)
  • 4 Way stretch material
  • Highly breathable
  • Soft inside and out
  • Machine washable
  • Calf and ankle reinforcement
  • Ankle zippers
  • 100% USA Manufactured

Cold Weather Riding Tights

We spend a fair amount of time on the road and dirt here in Utah, USA in the winter, and feel that we can adequately evaluate and provide the pro’s and con’s of the C2 tights. The C2 tight is rated for 25 degree weather, without some strenuous activity it’s a little chilly for 25 degree weather in these pants. I would say to our comfort level, they were well down to 35 degrees when worn alone. They really excel when layered with another pair of pants.  Our Pearl Izumi thermal tights are comfortable down in the 20 degree range, and are much more windproof, however not as comfortable.

The tops of the tights from the waste down to the upper calf are Power Stretch Polartec fleece. It’s a 4 way stretching material that is as soft on the inside as it is on the outside. The waist is an elastic band that are stitched with a flat laying seam. Down the thighs they are very soft and comfortable. One of the things we like about the C2 tights is just how soft and comfortable the tights are against our legs. The C2 tights, they are really nice to just lounge in after a ride.

C2 Tight Extreme Cold Review

While C2 states that the tights are wind resistant, we felt a lot of air coming through them. They are defiantly breathable, and wick moisture through the Polartec(R) stretch material but this is at the sacrifice of wind blocking.  I would not call them wind resistant.

After the knee, starts the Polartec(R) Power Stretch Hard Face. We really like this material, it’s a more durable 4 way stretch that resist grabbing on to snow like fleece does. It’s also more more durable when running against chain rings, pedals, etc. It also maintains the softness on the inside of the upper fleece. The leg zippers run up the outer leg about 6 inches. This is advertised for use of getting tights over shoes, but our experience is that the opening is still too small. They are however helpful in putting the tights on and off, just not over shoes.

In the saddle the tights feel really good, they move with the body much better than the Pearl Izumi tights. They also wear well with a chamois short. We found us wanting to pair them every time with a cycling short every time we wore them.  We also noticed some initial signs of wear on the seat of the tights, and wearing chamois help prevent this wear.

C2 Tight Extreme Cold Review

The fit is defiantly a cycling fit. The back of the tight fits high up the back for coverage when in cycling position. Also like a lot of cycling shorts, the crotch of the tights is less than ideal, seems to be cut much more for females than for male riders.

So who are these tights for? They work well for cycling in weather above 40 degrees. We have worn them in many hour long rides. They pair well with cycling shoes. Also, best matched with a pair of cycling shorts. We really like the tougher Polartec(R) shell around the calf and ankle for added protection. Another pro for the tights is how soft they feel. The con’s would be the concerns we have is to how long the Polartec(R) material will last, it seems to easily pull off, and sheds a bit the first time washing. We have about 100 miles on the tights and they seem to be holding up well, but still is a concern. Also, as we mentioned before the crotch of the tights fits a little weird with the seam, but this is similar to other biking tights we have ridden in.

Retail price for the tights is $149.00 which is a bit high, but you are paying for the Polartec(R) name.  However, there are many other Polartec(R) tights on the market for around $100, most of these don’t offer the added protection around the calf and ankle.  Right now C2 is selling the Extreme Tights in Teal on Closeout for $89.00.  Here is a link to them while they last.