Electric Knoxville – Sunglasses Look

Travis GneitingReviews

Electric snowboard goggles, sunglasses and lifestyle brand is a brand we grew up with fixated on snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding. Started back in 2000, there have been many chapters that have lead to Electric’s current offering. Now associated with music, motorcycles, and not caring, Electric is a brand that resonates with a broad audience of people.

We have owned many Electric sunglasses and snowboard goggles over the past decade. From skinny sunglasses in the nineties, and over sized glasses and goggles to now. Electric has always been on the front of innovative new styles, while maintaining and putting their own spin on modern classics. One of our favorites are The Knoxville.

The Knoxville come in a wide variety of options:



The Details of the Knoxville

We took a close look at the Knoxville XL S. Having a slightly larger face and head, we felt that the XL would fit our face better.  They have a slightly larger lens size (just a few millimeters) and the Sport upgrades.  We planed to wear the sunglasses while biking, and playing outdoors, so the added protection and rubber pieces on the glasses made sense.

The details of the Knoxville XL S are the rubber ear pieces that are very flexible and keep the glasses on your face.  In combination with the rubber nose pieces that keep them from sliding down your face when sweaty.


Featuring an OHM Plasma Chrome lens (Optical Health Through Melanin). Melanin infused lenses that block harmful UV & HEV blue light. This allows your eye to relax while providing stunning crisp, clear, vivid , haze free viewing.

The OHM Polar Blue lens

The Knoxville glasses come in a wide variety of lens options that alter the price of the glasses. The polarized blue lenses were our first choice.  They provide a vivid pop of color and clarity while not blocking out too much sun but enough to relax your eyes on a bright day.

Polarized Lens

Why choose polarized lens? Light reflecting off snow and water can create glare and reflection.  Without polarized lens, the light is not exiting the lens in the same direction, fatigue and headaches can happen. Polarized lens reduce the glare. You can see into the water, and across the snow.  Electric uses an injection process rather than a cheap laminated layer.

Electric Branding

The subtle branding on the hinge looks great, not too big and not to small.  The hinges on the Knoxville XL S are beefed up a bit, without looking overbearing.

The Fit

The XL version of the Knoxville measure 51mm tall, 147mm wide, and 158mm long.  This is in contrast to the Knoxville S that measure 49mm tall, 139mm wide, and 159mm long.  For a slightly larger look on the face, or for a little added protection the XL make a nice option.  Having a fairly large head, we prefer the XL S.  But you may choose the smaller Knoxville S for a smaller face.  They are a fairly flat sunglass.  There is room on the sides for air and breathability.  Never had a problem with them fogging when biking or running.

What is the Sports Upgrade?

Electric optics S-Line take the standard sunglasses models and add a few performance pieces to help them work better in active lifestyles. The main points are a plasticam hinge that is more durable yet reduces weight of a standard hinge. Rubber nose grips are added, yet still conscious that prevent the sunglasses from sliding down during sweating and rigors activities. Also, grips are added to the temple of the sunglasses for assistance in keeping them glued to your head. Overall, the S line has been constructed with a stronger and reinforced areas that might be more vulnerable to failure. The frame and temple ear pieces are flexible and light weight for long wear comfort. The S Line also features the OHM Lens for clarity, UV protection, and beautiful stunning optics.


Cleaning the glasses should only be done with mile soap and water.  We usually wet the glasses first to let the mud and dirt soften up.  Then rinse off by hand, and use the micro fiber cloth to dry.  The glasses should be stored in the provided bag, to reduce the chance of scratching them.


The Electric Knoxville is one of our favorite all around glasses offered by Electric.  The stylish design as well as the many different option, frame colors, lens, make it a great all around option for anything from cycling and boating to every day drivers.  They are offered in a number of price points depending on the colors but typically around $120 to $220 USD.  You can view the entire Electric Sunglasses lineup here