Floyd’s of Leadville CBD

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I have been using Floyd’s Immunity Support and Cooling Blend CBD for the last couple of months. This is my honest and unbias review of the products. I have been using CBD cream on my knees and elbows for years now with a wide variety of results from very expensive products to cheap grocery store products. Some products I find more success than with others. Floyd’s of Leadville was on the better side of relief from knee inflammation but had a couple of downsides.

Floyd’s of Leadville Immunity Support CBD Tincture

The Immunity Support DBD Tincture is designed to aid in recovery. The dose contains CBD, herbs, vitamins, and a variety of fruit extracts. It is designed to be taken under the tongue from a dropper. It tastes a bit fruity and sour and can leave food and drinks tasting strange after consuming the Tincture.

I didn’t notice any drastic improvement in recovery or immunity from taking the CBD Tincture but I didn’t notice any side effects either. I will continue taking the Tinctures until it’s gone, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing to pay $85 for another bottle. The Sports Cream is something I would recommend.

Floyd’s of Leadville Sports CBD Cream

The Sports Cream has had a great menthol smell to it with a cooling feeling when rubbed into the treatment area. I used it primarily on my knees and back. The cream has a nice lotion-like consistency that is easy to massage in. However, I did notice pilling every time I used the cream on my back. I didn’t notice the pilling as much on my knees. I wasn’t using a lot for my back, maybe two pumps or a pump and a half.

While I didn’t have the cream tested by a lab, I did feel relieved from using the CBD cream. The sports cream retails for around $70 USD. with free shipping over $50. This is a little more expensive CBD sports cream, but still in line with other popular brands like Medterra CBD.

Floyd’s of Leadville FAQ

Is Floyd’s of Leadville good CBD?

Floyd’s of Leadville is a reputable company that sells quality products that contain CBD for recovery, improved immunity, and hydration for humans and pets.

Who owns Floyd’s of Leadville?

Known for his National Championship-winning time trials and DZNuts fame, Dave Zabriskie is a co-owner and co-founder of Floyd’s of Leadville. A former teammate and longtime friend of Landis, Dave was one of the first to learn of the CBD empire Floyd envisioned.

Where is Floyd’s of Leadville Made?

Most of the products like the soft gel capsule, oil, creams are made in Leadville, Colorado.

Where to buy Floyd’s of Leadville?

You can purchase Floyd’s of Leadville in person, hundreds of shops nationwide, or online.

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