Flyer Folding Bike Review

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Flyer Foldable Cargo E-Bike Review
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This is one of the best electric folding bikes I have ridden. The stability and quality can be felt as soon as you take off down the road. I love the convenience of being able to fold it up, take it on a train or in the back of a car. 
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The Radio Flyer folding e-bike is brought to you by the company that brought us little red wagons. We reviewed their full-size e-bike recently and now have a chance to try out their folding e-bike. Buying from a well-known brand offers additional peace of mind as well as knowing they will back up their products and stand behind their warranties. This is one of the reasons I continue to approve of Flyer e-bikes.

Overview of the Flyer Folding Cargo Electric Bike

If you are reading this review you likely know the benefits of a folding bike, and why someone might choose one. In this review, I will cover why you might choose the flyer e-bike folding over any other folding e-bike in the market. I’ll cover if I think the cost is worth it as well as the features and specifications in my personal experience using the folding e-bike.

Non-folding e-bikes are often slightly more stable and comfortable because they can use larger wheels and tires to increase comfort and frame design. The trade-off with a folding e-bike is that it can be transported and stored extremely easily. Do you live in a home that has minimal room for storage if a folding e-bike might be perfect for you. You also might like to transport your e-bike inside of a car or truck and it’s far easier when it folds up.

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My Personal Thoughts on the Flyer e-Bike

There are a lot of foldable e-bikes on the market. The Radio Flyer folding e-bike feels higher quality with more attention to detail than the other folding e-bikes I have ridden. The use of brand name components builds trust, reliability, and confidence. 

You can find folding e-bikes for under $400 on Amazon, so why would you want to spend $1,700 for a Flyer electric bike? To justify the cost I look at the quality, assess my use of the product, the company’s reputation, and the cost of repair or replacement.

When comparing a $500 e-bike to a $1,700 e-bike I quickly notice. the Flyer e-bike felt much more solid and stable right out of the box. It is built with higher quality parts and the craftsmanship and design suggested more attention to detail.  Second, I noticed it has a larger battery and motor than a much cheaper folding e-bike.  I’ve even noticed cheaper e-bikes falsely claiming that their motors and batteries were larger than they actually were, or compared to the output they produce. There are also more expensive folding e-bikes available. Sometimes you’re paying for things you don’t need for example suspension when you’re just commuting on paved roads in my opinion is unnecessary. 

There are many similarly designed folding e-bikes but when you look closely at the details you can see where quality was cut to save cost.

I’ve been riding the Flyer folding e-bike for almost 6 months now I have never had any issues with it it. It feels very stable for a folding bike. The motor continues to run without any issues, strange noises, or imbalance.

The Flyer folding e-bike is at a higher price point. You’re really paying for a name brand you can trust, a solid build, good components, a name-brand battery, and peace of mind. I would recommend this bike to friends and family looking for a very high-quality electric folding bike that will last for years and be backed by a name-brand company they can trust. 

Delivery and Assembly

The bike is shipped and a large box directly to your door. It comes almost completely assembled. Because it’s designed to be a folding bike it’s very easy to remove the bike from the box and complete the assembly.  Attaching the handlebars is the most tricky part just follow the instructions and it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes or so to put the bike together. 

The Flyer Electric Bike Details

The Handlebars

The handlebars are slightly more narrow than on a full-size bike to make folding up the bike easier and take up less room. Handlebars also collapsed in towards the bike with a quick release mechanism to make the bike more portable as well as take up less room when stored.  There is also a quick release on the handlebar to raise and lower them about 4 to 5 inches.

On the handlebars you have your brakes as well as the control unit for selecting the pedal assist and a thumb throttle to ride the electric bike or like a powered bike.

The ergonomic grips on the handlebars are nice and comfortable. The brake levers and a bell are also located on the handlebars.

The Frame

The frame of the flyer electric folding bike is made of aluminum feels very high quality and folds in half. The folding mechanism offers a quick release that can be dialed in to ensure tightness as well as the safety mechanism to prevent the latch from accidentally coming undone while riding the bike.

There are also some additional straps attached to the frame to keep it closed when folded. 

The frame houses the cables inside which makes for a nice clean overall look as well as keeping the cables out of the way.

 the folding bike is designed to be a cargo bike and has a built-in rack on the back of the bike. you can purchase an additional cargo basket shown here It makes it easier to haul around items without taking up too much room or making the folding bike less maneuverable.

Folding up the Bike

There are three main steps to fold up the bike. Each step has a secure latch. First the stem and handlebars have a latch that allows the bars to fold down next to the front tire. Second, The frame has a latch that allows the front tire to fold towards the rear. Third, the back tire has a rubber strap that attaches to the handlebars stem to keep the bike together during transportation when folded.

The Seat 

The seat is large, soft, and oversized for maximum comfort. It is adjustable with a quick release around the frame. The seat can be adjusted to fit from about 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 3 inches comfortably.

The seat is oversized with a lot of cushions and is very comfortable. the seat can be raised and lowered with a quick release. the seat can also be used as a handle when the bike is folded two wheel the bike around on the two wheels.   I really appreciate how comfortable this seat is and have spent many hours on it without any soreness.

Wheels and Tires

The folding bike has smaller wheels and tires to make it more portable. the wheels are 20 inches by 2.125 in width. they are also wrapped in a durable fender that is well-secured to the bike frame to prevent any rubbing. 

The Fenders

The folding e-bike has front and rear fenders included. These fenders attach to the frame and are very secure. I like that they help keep your shoes from hitting the front wheel as well as keep road debris and water from splashing on you as you ride.

The Motor

The motor is capable of reaching 20 mph it’s a 350-watt brushless rear hub motor. this keeps the bike small and lightweight. I weigh about 160 lb and the motor delivers plenty of power for riding around on flat ground. when trying to go up large Hills or steep inclines I do notice the motor lacking a little bit but it still gets the job done.

The Battery

The battery is a 48-volt 480-watt hour lithium-ion Samsung battery it takes about 7 hours to charge from completely dead using the 54.6 Volt 2 Amp smart charger from an AC outlet. there are LEDs on the battery pack itself or on the control unit from the bike to indicate the battery power remaining. the battery will deliver enough power to ride anywhere from 20 to 40 miles on a single charge depending on the writer and Terrain.

The Controller 

The controller on the bike will display the battery level 1 to 5. It also displays the pedal assist level from one to five. additionally, there is a speedometer a light indicator Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB charging port for your phone. 


These pedals are unique in that they can be folded flat against the bike with just the pull of a lever in the middle of them. this makes them convenient to keep the profile of the bike as small as possible.

The Brakes

The brakes are Tektro mechanical disc brakes. it’s nice to see a name-brand brake system on an electric bike. these are designed to slow down the bike efficiently compared with the levers they’re very comfortable to use.


The kickstand was well-designed to work in conjunction with the folding bike. it supports the rear wheel when folding the bike the front wheel can freely rotate towards the back Additionally when loading and unloading the bike kickstand is very convenient. I’ve noticed the kickstand starting to wear on the front because I’m lazy and like to write off with it down letting it drag for a moment before popping up into storage position.

Safety and Lights

Flyer folding cargo bike has many safety features. it includes reflectors on the wheels front and back. it also has a headlight and tail light to illuminate the bike for visibility.

It’s also worth pointing out that latches that release the folding mechanism also have safety switches on them to prevent them from coming undone during a ride.


There are a number of different accessories you can purchase for the flyer folding cargo bike. I have the cargo basket attached to the rear of the bike you can also buy a front rack and kid carriers as well as phone mounts and mirrors to fully accessorize your electric bike.

 I also recommend picking up a pump that’s portable and a really good bike lock.

The Android and iPhone App

Flyer has an Android and iPhone app that is very good it allows you to connect to your e-bike and control the normal features and settings as well as adjust how much assistance is given through each level. there’s also some very detailed information about the battery that can be useful. the connection process is one of the easiest I’ve ever used. just turn on Bluetooth on your phone turn on the bike and it recognizes it no pairing at all. I highly recommend downloading this if you purchase a flyer e-bike or scooter.


Flyer recommends having your bike maintained after the first 50 to 100 miles and regular tune-ups after that from a certified bike mechanic. I like to do most of my bike maintenance it’s a little more difficult on an e-bike but keeping the chain lubed and dry is one of the best things you can do for your e-bike.

Definitely do not pressure wash your e-bike if you need to wash mud from it soften it up with a wet rag and only lightly hose off the bike. make sure you have removed your battery and only use mild dish soap.


You should remove the battery from your e-bike for long-term storage and keep the battery charged to 75% you should store your battery inside and charge it every 6 months to maintain battery health.


 Radio Flyer offers a one-year warranty from the original date of purchase only for the original owner and will not cover any modifications that have invalidated the warranty. check with Radio Flyer for full details on what is covered and what is not covered. I have had issues with a battery in the past and simply sent an email and received a brand new one mailed to me with no issues so I can validate their warranty process works great, and that they are a pleasure to work with.

In Conclusion

The flyer folding cargo bike is a perfect portable and compact electric bike to ride 20 to 40 miles on a single charge. the frame easily Folds into a compact maneuverable bike that’s easy to take on buses and trains. Flyer offers a number of accessories to make this the perfect commuting bike. The brushless motor name-brand battery as well as a number of included features like the thumb throttle disc brakes lights dual leg kickstand and the ability to hide a tracking tag under the locked battery make this a great bike for fun around the neighborhood, commuting to work, or even a quick convenience store run. 

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