Cotopaxi Allpa 38 and 65L Rolling Bag

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Price: $350-$395

Cotopaxi just released a new roller series travel bag Called the Allpa 38 and 65 roller bag. They come in four different colors woods, wine, pacific, black. They are 38L carry-on and 65L for checked bags.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on a set of this new luggage to test out.

The popular Allpa pack now is available with Burley heavy-duty rollers in two sizes and four colors. These are designed for heavy-duty use on everything from tarmac to cobblestone the exterior is made of a tough water-resistant polyester while the rest of the pack is made of durable nylon.

It has a split suitcase design with zipper closures on both sides to keep your gear from spilling all over the airport floor when you need to access your Chapstick. If you’re smart you’ll put your Chapstick in the exterior pocket that’s Easily accessible for necessities.

The exterior has two compression straps to shrink down the soft top when not fully loaded as well as provide additional security for the roller bag. 

There are plenty of handles to grab the 38 l from an overhead storage bin from the front or back. the 65 L has two additional handles on top making it easier to pick up when lying flat on the ground. 

The rollers balance well with the hard plastic handle on the bottom offering additional balance in addition to the wheels. The extendable handle is a nice place to store a small bag  on the rollers 

Cotopaxi is known for its sustainable recycled products the main body is made from 100% recycled 840d nylon and the other body is made from 100% recycled 840 D ripstop nylon. all the interior is also 100% recycled rip-stop polyester.

You can feel really good about purchasing from Cotopaxi knowing that their products are made from 100% recycled Fabrics. This product was made in Vietnam in a sustainable factory in Pungkook.  You can read more about this factory here:

There are hundreds of different suitcases and travel bags to choose from. some reasons to choose Cotopaxi’s new Allpa 38 or 65 L pack are because of the strong construction they’re sustainable mission, high-quality build, and attention to detail. I’m looking forward to using these over the next few years through airports and in the back of pickup trucks to put them to the ultimate test.

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