Heated Vest, Gloves, and Socks for People that Get Cold Easily

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If you are someone who hates the cold or spends time in the cold temperatures you can make your life easier with new heated clothing from GOBI. GOBI makes several different heated jackets, pants, hats, gloves, and socks to keep you warm and comfortable in colder temperatures.  We will be looking at GOBI  heated vests,  heated glove liners,  and heated socks,  to give our honest and unbiased opinion of how we think they work, and if they can make being outside in the cold more comfortable.

GOBI Ibex Heated Vest 

The Ibex heated vest is designed to be a work vest with a heavy-duty durable construction.  It is great to take the edge off in the early morning or layering with other jackets or coats. There are five different heating zones on the vest. The front of the vest has four heated sections. The back has one heated section. The vest also has three different heating settings.  This is one of my favorite features because rather than taking the vest on and off or layers you can just turn the heat setting down.

To use the vest you attach the battery on the inside and hold down the button on the chest to turn it on. Once the button lights up the heating element is “on”. You can continue pressing the button on the chest to cycle through the three different heat levels. The heat settings are 113° F on low, 131° F on medium, and 140° F on high keep in mind that the battery will last longer on the lower settings and shorter on high but still up to four and a half hours.

You can buy the vest in a camel color or black, sizes small through 4XL. I am about 5 ft 10 and 165 lb and test it out the medium. I felt like it was a little big in the stomach area and would have preferred a small one for a more snug fit and to make it easier for layering.

Depending on how high you set the heat the battery can last up to 10 hours. The battery is Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that fits on the inside of the vest in a zipper pocket. The battery is removable which makes it easy to charge. The battery charges with a USB-C charging cable however the charging brick is not included the battery can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices like your phone with its 48-watt hour battery.  the battery also has a button on the side that lights up for LEDs to indicate the battery power left.  To connect the battery to the best there is a small plug on the side.

Another great thing about the vest is that it is machine washable even with an electronic heater inside.  

My overall experience with the vest is that I like how high quality it feels and also having that durable canvas-like material as well as a nice soft color around the neck. I feel like having the durable outside Canvas material helps to hold the warmth in the vest better. However, I do feel like the best works best when layered with another jacket to really trap the heat in. I like the two outside pockets easy for holding gloves or other items while I’m working outside. the battery can feel a little bulky in the pocket and the placement of it on the inside of the vest fits on the left side of the body. Obviously, a battery is needed to heat the best I just wish it were lower profile. I also wish a battery charging brick were included. overall the best definitely does what is stated and I really love throwing it on before going outside on a cold day. it would be great for snow blowing the driveway working outside in the fall and winter or being in the garage when it’s cold outside I found I don’t need to run a heater to warm up a garage when I’m wearing a vest that’s heated, and the heat follows me around wherever I go. 

Gobi Tread Heated Socks Reviewed

The Gobi Heated socks are 100% cotton and feel very thick and high quality. The socks have a zipper pocket at the top of the calf just below the knee on the side that stores a low profile battery that can offer warmth from 12 hours on low setting up to 4 hours on high setting. These batteries are nice and low profile in-store out of the way from Ski and Snowboard boots. they are 8.88 watt hour batteries that charge with a micro USB cable that is included as well as a power brick.  The cable has two outputs to charge both batteries at the same time and can be charged in three or four hours.  the charging cable input is a USB which makes it nice to charge these on the go from my truck.

These socks come in two different sizes a small medium, and a large extra large. They also come in four different colors. 

The socks are machine washable and can reach temperatures up to 140°. The Gobi says that the socks have three different heating zones however I only feel them get warm in the toes. the heating element feels like it is under the toes and extends to the ball of the foot. One nice thing about having heat in your boots is that it does feel like it heats up your entire boot.

One of the best features of the heated socks is the remote control which you can turn off and on as well as cycle through the different heat outputs. this is great when you have your pants or ski pants pulled over the top of the socks and the battery stored away. it’s a lot more convenient to use the remote control rather than digging through your clothing and having to unzip and pull the battery out just to select a different heat setting.

Overall the socks do a really good job of keeping your toes warm in anything from hiking boots to ski boots if you’re someone who struggles with cold toes these really are a must-have. I would say they fit barely similar to a traditional ski or snowboard sock, you can slightly feel the wire running from the battery to the heating element but you get used to it. the only downside for me is managing the batteries remembering to charge them and dealing with the additional bulk of the battery around the calf, but I think these are a great option for keeping your toes warm skiing or snowboarding or just working in the yard during the cold months.

Gobi Heat Stealth Heated Glove Liners

The Gobi heated glove liners Come in three different sizes XXSmall/XSmall, S/M, and L/XL. They have a rechargeable battery that stores away above the wrist in the gloves as well as a drawstring to keep snow out of the top. The gloves include a nice carrying case with pouches to store the batteries and charger. One of the downsides to the heated gloves is that they require a specific charger and cannot be charged with USB cables. each glove has a 15.54 watt-hour battery that can last up to 2 hours on high at 140° heat setting. You can cycle through the heat settings by pushing the power button on the outside of the glove to cycle between low medium and high.

I have fairly small hands and I’m using the size small medium and they fit me perfectly however it seems like they’re sewn a little short in the thumb.  this didn’t bother me too much but if it’s a concern to you you may want to size up.

I prefer using a heated glove liner so that I can use the gloves I prefer based on the activity. For example, if I’m working in the yard I might be wearing a pair of leather gloves and where the heated liners underneath.  when I go snowboarding I like to wear mittens and I can wear the heated liners under the mittens that hold the warmth in the mittens much better.

The gloves don’t work perfectly with the touch screen it is somewhat manageable but can be frustrating at times. I love having the case to keep everything together but I do wish the battery would last a little longer. Typically when I’m skiing I like to wear gloves on high heat but the batteries will only last a couple of hours. 


In conclusion If you or someone that gets cold easily outside or just likes to be more comfortable without having to wear many layers, heated clothing is a great option. I really like putting on the heated gear inside letting it warm up my gloves feet and body before I go outside in the cold. it takes the sting off that initial shock when you walk outside in the cold.  it also makes long days on the ski hills much more enjoyable. these make a great gift for someone who also doesn’t like being in the cold weather but enjoys being outside when temperatures are low.

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