What Happened to WhiskeyMilitia.com?

Travis GneitingUncategorized

If you are a regular visitor of GearChase.com you may have wondered is WhiskeyMilitia.com down?  Or Why is Whiskey Militia redirecting to SteepandCheap.com?

We have been informed by Backcountry.com the parent company of both WhiskeyMilitia.com and SteepAndCheap.com that they have indeed removed WhiskeyMilitia.com from the interweb and redirected all traffic to SteepAndCheap.com.  This is not a new decision for Backcountry.com.  If you remember such sites as Bonktown.com for roadbikers, ChainLove.com for mountain bikers, Tramdock.com for Skiers are just a few others one deal at a time websites that have been retired.  And now WhiskeyMilitia.com is joining them in the grave.

Backcountry.com stated that they plan to spend more time enhancing SteepAndCheap.com to make it the one stop shop for closeout items from Backcountry.com.  Providing better discounts, searching, and functionality overall.

As always you can keep a close eye on the one deal at a time from SteepAndCheap.com on GearChase.com homepage

Or you can see if SteepAndCheap.com can really replace WhiskiMilitia.com